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Good morning!

Things are quiet here, for this minute, anyway, so I thought I'd pop in to say hi and give you a few little updates of the week.

I have a new iPhone. Up until this week, I had a (gasp!) flip phone that I only used for work. I had no idea that I needed one so badly (of course I didn't, really). I *love* having everything in one place. Camera? Check! Calculator? Check! (I actually use a calculator ridiculously often.) Phone? Check! E-mail? Check! Netflix? Check! Twitter? Check! Podcasts? Check! This thing is awesome. I'm going to try keeping all of my work calendar, to-dos, etc., on it this coming school year and see how that works out for me. I do love pencil and paper, though, and typing on a phone can get frustrating, so I'm not expecting miracles. I got a good deal on the phone, and work pays me a bit each month toward it, so I'm pleased. Do you have any tips for scheduling / organizing your work / home / everything on your phone? Do you have any favourite apps that I should know about? I'm thinking of more practical, tool-type apps, rather than games. But of course, if you have a fantabulous game you must share, please do.

My goals are to: a) not use it incessantly, b) be at its mercy, or c) be looking at it while having a conversation with someone. There aren't many things more rude, in my opinion. Also on phone etiquette, I detest call waiting. We're probably the only people in North America without it on our landline. "Oh, wait - someone potentially more important is calling. Just wait a second while I check and see if they are." Incidentally, we also don't have call display on our home phone, so it helps if you identify yourself.

And secondly, we painted the dining room yesterday. It had been Martha's Westport Tan since 2005 when we bought it, and I was tired of it. So we painted it a beautiful cream, the same colour as our bedroom, which I haven't gotten tired of in five years, so I don't think I will. The living room is next, but will be a bit more of a project. Light and bright is what I'm aiming for, and I love how it's turning out.

Thomas fell on concrete yesterday and has an awful goose egg on his forehead, poor kid. Still cute, though. Phillip's at his first day of daycamp, and I think he's probably having an amazing time. I can't wait to hear his recap later on.

I hope that you're having a lovely Thursday.


  1. What a fun switch from a flip phone to a smart phone! (and an iPhone at that!) I love my Android phone and use it all the time. My mom may have her flip phone, but she's coming around to others around her having one. We'll be driving to a restaurant, and she'll point to my phone and say, "Can't you get the menu on that thing?" :)

    I use the Cozi calendar app on my phone (recommended by FlyLady) as you can have shopping lists that others can update/see and you can have the whole family see each other's calendars and to-do lists.

    Evernote is handy as well - to store quick notes, take photos, etc. I'm still learning it but friends swear by it.

    Enjoy your phone!!!!

    1. Thanks, Lea Ann! Adam's had an iPhone for a few years, and I have an iPod touch, so one would think that I would have realized the potential! But now that I actually have the phone in my hands, my brain is exploding at all of the things that I can use it for. Like menus! (I think I'd like your mom.) Thanks for the app suggestions - I'm going to sit down with my list tonight and check them all out. :)

  2. haha, we don't have call waiting or caller ID and people always call and just start talking. I'm like "sorry, but can I ask who this is?" :) They also never leave a call back number on the machine because they think we have it.

    I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on the planet who doesn't have a cell phone at all so I don't have any app suggestions for you.

    And, I love the plants against the white cupboards.

    1. Lola, you're awesome! I'm so glad that someone else doesn't have call display. We don't get too many calls, and two of my close friends *never* identify themselves, so by the time we've said hello, I've narrowed it down to them (and not my parents or in-laws) and usually get it right. I've totally done the same thing and asked waaaay too late in the conversation "Ummmm... who is this?" :)

  3. Anonymous7/26/2012

    Summer daycamp. What a wonderful thing: a bit of independence for your young lad, something to enjoy and talk about.
    Still on a phlip phone (ha ha!), but I admire the smart phones of friends.
    One of my friends dang near sold me on a smartphone when we were looking at the night sky: she pulled up an app (sorry, i don't know what it's called!) that identified constellations when she pointed the phone at them (?based on the angle of the phone and gps?). Elegant! The same friend, when we were at a concert together, pulled up a 'lighter' on her iphone. You know, so I could hold a lighter up while the band played a slow song. Hey, it was Trooper: OK to be retro, right?
    Not practical. *sigh*
    I agree with you on phone etiquette. We don't have call waiting either: you are right, the subtext is All Wrong.
    -Carol S-B

  4. labeck beat me to it: I was about to recommend Cozi too - https://cozicentral.cozi.com - even though I don't care for the FlyLady.

    The only other App I use a lot are the Audubon Guides ones.

    A hug for T to help him feel better!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Teresa! Thomas seems to be okay; he points to his head and says "I got a little bump." Only it's really not little at all. He was his usual active self today, so I'm not too worried.

  5. Andrea7/26/2012

    I'm totally with you on the call waiting! I also detest it. But in the same vein, I detest cellphones. It irks me to no end when you're having a conversation with someone and they suddenly stop listening to respond to a call/text. Even when they try to be subtle it's usually quite clear they've tuned you out and shifted their focus to their phone. So very irrititating. Now, I do have a cellphone. Sort of. Right now it's rendered useless because my 100 minutes/year pay-as-you-go plan just ran out. I hadn't used all my minutes.

    1. Andrea, you're so right. People's eyes shift in a certain way when they're no longer paying attention, and it's so. awkward. The only acceptable situations I can think of are when someone starts the conversation with something along the lines of "My sister is having a baby and I'm just waiting for her to call" or "I was told that the Nobel committee might call". We have a few friends who are doctors and often on call, and they're always excused from my rules. :) I had the same minutes plan before, and ran out a few times because of work calls, and I do need one for work, as I travel all over three counties. :)

  6. i use google calendar and sync it to my phone - lifesaving and i can update it on the computer rather than typing it all on my phone. my fave app for it is calengoo :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Amanda! Adam and I got ours up and running and synced them last night through the built in calendar, but I'll totally take a look at the app. That's definitely one feature I'm super excited about. (And voice notes! I can take them while driving for work and hopefully avoid forgetting important tasks!)

  7. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!

  8. Anonymous7/27/2012

    Instagram! I think I follow your husband on instagram. (Adam?)
    Banking apps are SO handy, and TurboScan is one of my favorites. Theres also the flashlight app, and TuneIn Radio (you can listen to radio stations all over the world! But it can use up your monthly usage fast if you're not connected to wifi)
    Blogger and Wordpress both have apps as well.

  9. Obviously, I must give you a huge iPhone WOOT WOOT! Next time you're in the city, we'll dine together. But we won't talk. We'll just text each other.

    (Also, Instagram is the bomb.)

  10. weatherbug is a great well, weather app. Pandora and Songza are my favorite music app. Stitcher radio allows you to listen to your favorite podcast without syncing to itunes, Goodreads has a great app. All recipes, Better homes and gardens are good recipe apps. My phone isn't in front of me, but that should get you started! Let me know if you need more!


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