humming along

Things are just humming along merrily over here. (After a couple of days during which I felt irritable and exhausted by the boys and was responding decidedly unlike myself, I decided that regardless of how I felt, I was going to choose to delight in them and dive right into the middle of their conflicts and mess, and guess what? It worked. I'm feeling like myself again.) So things are flowing along smoothly once more. Just a little bump in the path, and as always, I've learned something to take along with me for the rest of the road.

I watched this video a few days ago. I almost cried at the part where she's washing her (beautiful) eggs. Not because there's anything particularly heart-wrenching in the video itself, just because I was imagining the day (and it will come!) when I'll be able to say "I am standing at my sink, washing my own hens' eggs." And that will be a very, very happy day.

This is a happy day, too. I have been enjoying my own little thankful moments at the sink yesterday and today as I was preparing meals. They went something like this: "Oh, shoot. We're out of onions. Oh, wait! I'll grab some from the garden!" and "This soup would be perfect with carrots. Shoot. We're out of carrots. Oh, wait! I'll grab some from the garden." The results have been delicious.

I've been dehydrating more herbs, too, which is super fun. Pictured are stevia and chamomile. I'm going to intentionally plant more chamomile next year to have a year's worth of tea - this year's plants were volunteers from last year's plants. I do love a cup in the evening. Speaking of which, I'm off to have some right now.

Oh, but before I go, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your sweet comments over on Phillip's new blog! He is so funny about the whole thing and was perfectly and absolutely beaming with each comment that rolled in. And he insisted on replying to every one, so if you left one, there's a reply for you in the comments.



  1. I am glad to see it wasn't you and the boys that got injured on the midway ride! How terrible. I hope whoever it was is alright. No wonder my parents were always against those traveling midways.

    Nice herbs! I can't wait to be free of my shackles...ahem...thesis to that I can have FUN in my garden! :)

  2. Anonymous8/02/2012

    i'm dreaming of hens and eggs, too :)

    my stevia is a beast. despite my utter neglect, it thrives and is now my favorite plant!

  3. Isn't it wonderful when you can harvest what you need when you need it? :)

    Funny about the egg washing video...I get annoyed when I actually have to wash an egg because it means that the egg was covered with poop. Usually we don't wash the eggs because we'd read that the "bloom" that its covered in when the hen lays it helps to protect it from bacteria that can seep into the porous egg shell.

    Uh oh..P had been bitten by the OC bug that makes me try and reply to all the comments on my blogs too? LOL! He is so darling. :)

    1. * "it's" not "its covered in..."


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