sunday night

Adam and I just got home after a lovely weekend away. His parents were kind enough to watch the boys, and we had a lovely time in Wolfville. More soon, but I really love this picture I took at Tangled Garden. Hope you had a great weekend, too.


  1. Hey! We went there! Loved it!

  2. So glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Love Tangled Gardens. Have 3 of their jellies in the fridge

  4. Ahhhh. . . tangled garden. Just saw them at the Farmer's Market!

    I spent my wedding night at the Blomidon Inn in Wolfville. It will be 26 years ago in July!!!

  5. I've seen Tangled Gardens in three seasons so far. I love it there.

    Hey Sherrie - I was just looking at you and P's picture on the front page of The Vanguard. I hope everything goes through for you about keeping backyard chickens. Keep us posted.


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