thank you, thank you! and some weck love

Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes! I'll pick a winner at the end of the week. It was so nice to read such sweet comments from all of you first thing on this sunny, gorgeous morning. Birthday breakfast from my sweet husband consisted of crepes (his newfound specialty) topped with Liberte plain yogourt and some Meyer lemon and vanilla jelly which I whipped up last night. YUM. And poured into my new Weck jars, with confidence thanks to this post.
 When properly sealed, the rubber tab kind of points down and looks like it's sticking its tongue out. I love that.
And the glass lid is held in place by two little clamps for the sealing process; these are removed for storage.
 I ordered the jars from Kauffman Mercantile in the States. Amazing and prompt customer service, and free shipping for orders over $25 in the US. And a $7 gift card when you sign up for their newsletter. I also ordered a beautiful broom to clean up around the fireplace. They even have gorgeous snowshoes. Definitely have a look!
With all of the crazy picture posting difficulty I was having with the iPad last night, I forgot to post this sweet lilac bloom that I forced! The scent is amazing, and makes me really excited for May.

I hope that you had a lovely, sunny day, too!


  1. I LOVE our Weck jars, but they are expensive, so thanks for the link to that site you bought them from because free shipping will help a lot!

    So glad you had a lovely birthday breakfast, courtesy of the very talented Adam (talent runs in your family)!

  2. Hey Sherrie,

    At one point I did have your email address, but now I can't find it. I don't think there is an Emma in the class. There are 3 Montessori schools in Halifax so maybe she attends one of the other ones. No doubt we do have people in common though.

    I just saw your post on Gaspereau Valley Fibres. My parents live down that way so I'm in there all the time. We are building a barn this summer and I am so hoping I might get a couple of their lambs! Maybe we'll run into each other at the wool shop someday (:

  3. Oh those jars... I love them. Thanks for the link. We've been eating crepes a lot lately. especially now that we have our own eggs!

  4. I heart these jars! Thanks for sharing. They are going on the list of possible wedding gift items for my crafty friends. Oh, and I have really enjoyed reading your blog (exiting lurkdom today!)and think your photos are gorgeous.



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