'yarden' goodies and two-headed tulips

Phillip sometimes calls our yard / garden the 'yarden'. I think that is a perfect name. Things are still a bit wild out there, but beautiful.
Okay, has anyone ever seen this before? Two headed tulips! Last fall, P and I bought some bulbs at the grocery store, and there was one box of double tulips. Maybe somewhere in the process of getting double the petals, some ended up with double the blooms? From 5 bulbs, I am going to have 11 blooms - some of the bulbs shot up two entire stems, while others just branch off at the top, like this one. For $1.50 - a steal of a deal.
From the same discount bulb day, the muscari that P chose. They smell fantastic, which I didn't know until Adam brought some inside.
And daffodils that have been hanging on forever! They are so sweet and cheery.
And guess what? I made soap on the weekend! It's unscented baby soap, for us to use and to give away as gifts. I'm pondering some changes to how I do the soap thing when I get back into the groove, which is fun to think about. But for right now, my specialty is making milk and growing a fat baby. He's so very, very sweet.

I hope that you're having a lovely week!


  1. I have two-headed tulips too! I hadn't heard of such a thing before either; I think I bought them at SuperStore last fall, and I'm sure it didn't say on the package that there would be two flowers on one stem.

    Your yarden looks lovely, and so do T's toes in your last post.

  2. Beautiful garden Sherrie. I've never seen two-headed tulips before but they are awesome. I should plant more tulips in my gardens. It's something I don't have a lot of and it would be so nice to have nice color in the Spring while I wait for the rest to bloom.

    On another note, I don't know if you heard or not but David Suzuki will be at our Spring Convocation on Saturday. We are giving him an honorary doctorat. I am out of my mind excited, he's my environmental hero.

  3. I love the muscari - their colour is so rich.

    Also, I was given some lovely chai tea Birch Bark soap from Love, Me Boutique. I haven't used it yet because I love the way it makes my room smell, it's delicious. I know what I'm getting all of my graduating friends for presents!


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