flower that starts with p

I can't remember the name of this flower. It was a long night last night. I'm pretty sure that it starts with p. Either way, they were one of Adam's picks for the garden, and I think they're lovely. See the pink blush in the background? That's the quince tree, through the dining room window, and the picnic table is next to it. We had our first picnics of the season last week, and I'm looking forward to many more.

The veggie beds are all planted, yay! Phillip helped yesterday. Carrots, beets, lots of peas (my fave!), onions, lettuce, a few beans, squash, and a couple of watermelon seeds to humour P. I hope that all of the seeds that P and I used are still viable. Some were leftovers, so I'm not sure about them. We'll see, and I'll post pictures after they sprout! Sunflowers and a tomato plant or two will be fit in, too. My favourite time of year.


  1. The flower is a bulb called Fritillaria


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