sunny days

Our yard is a riot of colour right now. We've had an oriole hanging out in the quince tree, which is lovely - I had never seen one before. He seems to be drinking the nectar, which I don't think I've seen birds do before, other than hummingbirds. Fun!

Phillip and I hung out for a long time in the yard yesterday - couldn't ask for a nicer guy to hang out with.


  1. I guess if you cut and orange in half and hang it up the Oriole's go bonkers over it. Nailing the half an orange to a post is supposed to work great, leave the nail long and they perch on that and clean out the orange.

    I've just heard this, I should try tomorrow.

  2. That's so strange - we had an oriole in our quince last week, and I thought I was seeing things! Aren't they pretty?


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