We've been doing this a lot lately.

In case you know me in person and you've heard as I've been lamenting his terrible behaviour at naptime and bedtime, I'd like for you to know that P laid down and stayed in bed for his entire naptime this afternoon. He is a wonderful guy all of the time; he's just much easier to get along with when he cooperates.

Our peas and lettuce have sprouted in the garden, so that's very exciting.

Thomas weighs 14 pounds - what a big little guy! We were saying the other night that it's a wonder we remember he's even here. He is a gem. He will never throw tantrums when he's Phillip's age. Nope, not him.

It's been sunny and gorgeous in the weather department, but we're in for some rain over the next couple of days. I'll have to come up with some fun indoor activities for an almost-three-year-old to do! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


  1. That Mr. P is so cute. You're lucky Thomas is such a good baby, this way you can spend time with P. Enjoyed this lovely weather but we need rain for the gardens.

  2. Simple, no frills paper plate masks are a great rainy day activity. When they tire of making masks, they can have fun playing dress up! It's something I pull out often and it never fails me.


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