honey and almond

I love this teeny-tiny little jar.

I'm heading to a baby group tomorrow morning with T, and I'm looking forward to it.

The garden is amazing, and the two-headed tulips are now open and gorgeous. We had a lot of rain on Saturday, and the leaves on every chestnut tree in town popped open yesterday. Any day now, our cherry tree will be in bloom.

I spotted two new-to-me magnolias this week, too. (Magnolia-spotting is a pursuit of ours every Spring. They're favourites of Adam's, and we don't have our own. How geeky are we?)

I made this for supper tonight. Yum. (Do you call it 'dinner'?)

What are you up to?


  1. Hi Sherrie,

    Funny you ask about "supper" or "dinner". Ian and I are often talking about it. Ian (being Canadian) is a "supper" man. While we (Australians) call the main evening meal "dinner" or even "teatime". Supper to us is a meal eaten after dinner, normally late at night. So when Ian asks "whats for supper?" I often wonder "who on earth eats supper these days?". It seems like such an old fashioned thing to do. Then after doing the conversion (which we both have to do LOADS) I realise he means "dinner".
    (Ian and I have been together 10 years in June and I still have to think about what a toque is, and what the hell he means by "homo milk". That's hilarious!!!)

    M :)

  2. Being Acadian, we say supper at our household. What am I up to ? hmmmmm, let's see. We planted three rows of potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and swiss chard (all organic). I have spinach that's about 2 inches tall in one of the raised beds. So all in all - gardens are looking pretty good. I still have my visit planned with you. We'll set a date (according to your schedule :-))

  3. Zigwicks - that's hilarious! I love 'teatime' - maybe I'll start using that. :) Around here, people don't use 'homo milk' - it's such a funny term anyway, because it's all homogenized! I think Adam would approve of teatime, since it allows for an extra meal later on. :)

    Vickie - your garden sounds great! And things are still going along very smoothly - there's usually an hour each afternoon when both guys are sleeping, so our sanity is preserved. Really, any time you're in Yarmouth, let us know and feel free to pop by for tea. :) That would be lovely!

  4. Supper is the word in these parts. Still loving the yogurt and have done a few more batches. I'm on to homemade crackers this week. Super yummy. I posted my recipe.

    Naptime is a precious thing. It's all over with my two so enjoy it while you can! We have "quiet time" now with milk and stories. Cozy and quiet at least!


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