Since getting our computer back, it's only now that I've organized some pictures. I found some that I haven't shared yet - these are the not-necessarily-beautiful-but-have-interesting-stories ones.
We have a large window in our dining room, and it happens to be near to our bird feeder. This morning, once again, a greasy, greasy bird crashed into it. It wasn't even terribly clean to begin with - maybe it's a visually impaired bird. Or just clumsy? No sign of him on the ground, so I'm assuming he's okay.These bulbs were $1.50 per box a couple of weeks ago at the grocery store. We've had a beautiful November, so Phillip and I picked some out, brought them home, and planted them together. He had the cutest quizzical look on his face when I was telling him that some of them will be blooming when his brother is born. He chose the Muscari (I've always called them grape hyacinths ) and I opted for the daffodils and those amazing double tulips - I can't wait to see what they look like in person. It was the last box of those, otherwise I would definitely have brought more home. They're planted in the little bed to the left of our back door, which I seem to have lost the lovely picture of which I took earlier this afternoon. Ah, well.

Look what I found at Frenchy's! Circa 1989, Martha Stewart's Christmas. Awesome. Full of ambitious recipes that I may never try, and lovely to look at. Especially because of the circa 1989 decor and clothing.

I bought a new Christmas wreath a few weeks ago - I love it. Next to the door is one of Adam's gorgeous prints on canvas. It doesn't usually live there, but a few months ago he was testing some velcro mounting things, and they've worked so well that it's still there.
Lastly for tonight, I made nine batches of soap this morning. A few of the usuals for selling, but the majority of which was fun playtime, making soaps for gifts for friends and family and using up lots of stuff that I had on hand and hadn't taken the time to try out. I had a lot of fun. I didn't get to the whipped soap, but decided that a few other things were more pressing, as the whipped soap wouldn't be ready in time for Christmas anyway. (And these ones are cutting it kind of close!) Those blue silicone molds were on clearance at the Superstore a long time ago, and I will sometimes use them if I have a wee bit of soap that won't fit in a regular mold. I've been using one of those bars in the shower lately, and I love the size and shape as it gets used up! So I made these monsters (they're at least a good 7 ounces each) to give to family - they would be a royal pain to ship.

I hope that you've had a fun and productive weekend, too!


  1. Soap makes for such fun presents! It's a great time of year. :) I saw your comments on the bird window strikes and wanted to commiserate. We had quite the problem with that at our house in Indiana and tried a number of things. One thing that looked intriguing to me (but which we hadn't tried prior to moving) is some antireflective material you adhere to the window. You can find this by googling if you are interested. The picture of your window showed that nice tree reflection. Window strikes are one of the leading causes of death to birds and it's sad! Good luck with all your Christmas preparations. jennifer

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! I've seen a few different decals which are supposed to deter birds, so maybe I'll have to look into them.

  3. I'm interested to know what kind of bird is that greasy!? What a smear he (or she) left on your window!

    I love reading 'twenty two pleasant', and the photos are always fabulous too!
    Thanks Sherrie :)


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