For some unknown reason, Phillip had never fingerpainted until today. I know! What a terrible mother I must be. Really, though, he's just not into drawing, painting, or colouring. So I thought that he might enjoy using his hands instead of an implement. I've been perusing The Artful Parent lately (thanks, Kristin!) and decided that even if he wasn't keen on it, we would try the fingerpaints.
His Nanoo (he started calling her Nanoo rather than Nanny when he was just over a year old, at the same time that he decided to call Adam 'Dadoo' rather than Daddy) helped him, while I took some pictures. That's his beret and smock. He was quite proud of them.

The painting lasted for fifteen minutes or so, and then he was done. But he had a good sunny-day start.

Oh - and I bought the fingerpaints last night, and will be refilling the containers once they're used up with this homemade fingerpaint. Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. Thanks for that recipe! My kids love fingerpainting, but I find the ones we've bought seem to dry out too quickly. I'll definitely make my own soon!


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