Thanks so much for the sweet comments about T's birth story. I really wrote it out for myself, so that I'll have it when I'm old and want to be nostalgic, so thanks for suffering through all of the details with me! I still get a Blog2Print book printed every so often, so that I have a tangible record of all of these things that happen in my life.

Phillip was playing with this truck for most of the afternoon yesterday. Rolling pieces of gravel through a cardboard tube and into the back of the truck is very, very fun. This truck was played with by both Adam and his brother when they were kids, so it's kind of fun to watch another little boy having a ball. I wonder how many plastic trucks being played with now will still be around in 30 years?
I bought a little treat for myself the other day. At Winners, of course - I couldn't pay full price. It is the cutest butter dish I've ever seen. And much nicer (and probably safer) than the plastic number we've been using. It's one of those little things that will make my life a little bit brighter every time I open the pantry cupboard. I thrive on the little things.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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  1. The butter dish is beautiful Sherrie. Nice find!

    I love the little red truck also. We actually live in the house where I grew up. And from time to time Ziggy will come in from the yard with a new little treasure from the past, mostly my brothers old matchbox cars from the 70's! And funnily enough, I remember most of them! They've lasted so well buried in the dirt for all of those years...


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