charlotte lane anniversary lunch

There's a fantastic place to eat in Shelburne called Charlotte Lane, which I've mentioned before. For an anniversary gift, my mom gave us some cash and watched Phillip for most of the day, and we took Thomas and headed there for an amazing lunch. It was Adam's first time, and I think he now likes it as much as I do. (First and last pictures are his; the rest are mine.)
This was my lunch - a pasta dish with roasted red peppers, chipotle, pork tenderloin, parmesan, and tarragon. I wish I could begin to express how delicious it was. Seriously, it was one of the best meals I've even eaten. Perhaps the best. "I feel seriously sad for people eating fast food today," popped into my head as I was finishing it up.
Adam had a chicken caesar salad, and Thomas looked on enviously. What's that? You'd like a clearer picture of the chubby-double-chinniest little seven week old you've ever seen? Okay.
Panna cotta has come up everywhere in my life lately, but I had never tried it until yesterday. On the radio, in cookbooks - at least four or five times in the past three weeks. So when I saw lemon vanilla panna cotta with raspberry sauce on the dessert menu, of course that's what I ordered. And of course, it was fantastic.
So, next time you're here visiting me, we will hit the road for Shelburne. You won't be disappointed!

Hope you're having a great weekend.


  1. Anonymous5/15/2010

    Thomas is sooooo very adorable!

    The food looks as wonderful as you make it sound...but that could be because you two are both fantastic photographers! =)

  2. Looks delicious! You had dessert which in my mind means Thomas was an angel and you didn't have to rush out! :) Excellent anniversary outing!

  3. I have to get myself to that place sometimes. I've never been but only hear amazing things about it. Thomas is a cutie pie; adorable.

  4. Not one, but TWO T shots! Finally! Okay, I'll stop boycotting your blog now.


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