After losing many of his teeth as well as his nose, he fell over on Christmas Eve.
I'm trying to talk the overachieving bulb into slowing down so the others can catch up.
It's a candle. Wearing a hat. I love it.


  1. I shouldn't have laughed at the fate of your poor snowman, but your matter-of-fact description of his demise made me giggle. So sorry.

    As far as the bulb goes, have you tried encouraging its growth and belittling the others for their failure to keep up? It's a foolproof way to get them to grow and acheive. Or at least that's what the American school system taught me back when I was in K-8...

    And finally: candle with a hat??? Is the hat ceramic and a lid for the container that the candle is in? Because it looks like it could be reused as like a candy dish when the candle is gone. So cute!

  2. Good point about the bulb, Amber - I'll try the belittling tactic asap! :) That one is in full bloom right now, and the others are still just little green nubs. Lazy, useless bulbs! (I'm practicing, can you tell?) Yup, the hat is the candle lid. And I will definitely be using it as a little dish once the candle is gone - it's sooo cute on those little legs! :) Hope you had a lovely Christmas in your new home! :)


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