forced quince and Christmas menu planning

This picture doesn't exactly scream Christmas, does it? I took it yesterday. For the past few years, I've brought in some quince branches to force, and much to my delight, they never fail to bloom. In a gorgeous pale pink, rather the usual orange-y red colour. Really, this couldn't be any easier - choose a blooming shrub or tree, snip a branch or two, and plunk it into a vessel with some water. I usually snip a little bit into the end of the branch where I've made the cut, so it's able to absorb more water. Wait awhile, and see what happens!

I had a lovely weekend, doing nothing in particular, but getting lots done, and having lots of time with the boy. I think all of my pre-Christmas soaping and wrapping and packing is done! Phew! It always takes longer than I plan on. I've been thinking about Christmas food since I woke up with that bee in my bonnet yesterday. I just borrowed Nigella's Christmas from the library, and it's fantastic. She seems to be popping up everywhere in my travels lately, and I think she's delightful. If we had a TV, I would be in serious trouble with the Food Network. Anyway, we won't have any guests until after Christmas day, and we will be having a turkey dinner at my Mom and Dad's. Also, I'm still turkeyed out from our Thanksgiving (and ours was in October - we had a big turkey!) so I don't think I'll roast a whole one. But I think a roulade would be fun to try. This one looks amazing (you can't go wrong with bacon), but some guests can't eat mushrooms, so I'll need to find an alternate stuffing recipe. But maybe Nigella's ham would be perfect? (I think I could eat ham every single day. Salt and fat with a little bit of meat thrown in? Yum.) I'll keep pondering - the planning is the most fun. For one dessert, I think I'm going to make this, or something very similar. (Just so that I don't eat the whole thing. Because I'm sure that Son #2 and I could.)

Do you have any fantastic Christmas recipes I should try? Please share! Happy Monday!

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  1. Anonymous12/14/2009

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend! It sounds really perfect.

    My sister is a huge Nigella fan. I may have to see if my library has that book. :)

    We don't have many recipes just for Christmas, except the fabulous Stollen one from my friends...but you know what? I lost the danged recipe! I just had a whole email conversation with those friends about it this past weekend (they are in the process of moving and can't find theirs either). Ugh. No other stollen recipes I Googled is exactly like it. I posted photos of it in my blog back in Jan, but unfortunately, I didn't post the recipe too (that'll teach me). So, I'm going to spend part of today turning the house upside down looking for it. :)

    Have a lovely week, Sherrie!


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