friday fun

I usually try to pick up something new when we're at the grocery store. A few weeks ago, it was this pomelo, which P and I enjoyed. It's very similar to a grapefruit, as you might imagine, but the size and outer green colour made it kind of fun. It was delicious, too - a bit sweeter than a grapefruit and a slightly different flavour. Yum. Come to think of it, I picked up a persimmon last week, too, and didn't even take a picture. It tastes like jam, already jammed. A very neat texture.

This place looks amazing.

This made my morning 78% more pleasant.

And a quick story about why I love living in a small town. After I got home from work the other day, we all needed some fresh air, as well as to take some things to the post office. So out we went for a walk. We were on out way home and had just turned on to our street, and saw a Purolator delicery truck coming our way. I joked that maybe it was going to stop and deliver a package. Much to my surprise, the driver did! "Hey, you guys live at the end of the street, right?" (You can tell that we order lots of parcels; also, she and Adam both worked in close proximity for awhile.) So we signed and she gave us our parcel, saving us a trip to pick it up. How's that for service?

I hope that you have a lovely Friday and a great weekend!


  1. Hey Sherrie, your post (and link - thanks!) just made MY morning 78% more pleasant!

  2. Sherrie, next time you venture down the Valley, you should go stop at this place on the #1 hwy. www.pastchinapatterns.com
    It's such a delight wandering through the rooms full of beautiful china. (Not sure how toddler-friendly it would be though.)

    Hope you're doing well!

  3. Anonymous12/04/2009

    I'm so glad you tried a pomelo! It is my all time favorite fruit! In fact, I used to eat so much of it in Hong Kong that I would get the runs (sorry, TMI...).

    Dh would never let me in that antique place (another reason I really miss his mom because she used to take me antiquing).

    Our town is like that too! They always just leave packages at our house. Our neighbors mostly leave their houses unlocked (and one of our former ones had really expensive art too). Yup, small towns are definitely nice that way.


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