frenchy's dream day and 24 weeks

This was my belly when I was 24 weeks along with P. This time I'm quite a bit rounder, and I'm taking far fewer pictures. Son #2 was extremely active today, and is kicking heartily as I type. I love it.

Since Adam looks after P most days, he's often on the computer in the evenings, working away at his photography. Leaving me with less posting time - but tonight I have time to babble.

I had some major Frenchy's success last weekend, that I am still grinning about. Minor things, but they just made me feel so satisfied that I wanted to share.

1. Microwave plate: not long after we bought our current microwave (more than a year ago), P managed to open the door and tip out the glass plate. It fell on the floor and broke cleanly into two pieces, thankfully not injuring him. But leaving us without a plate in the microwave, and resorting to balancing items on the little knob in the middle. I found a couple of microwave plates at thrift stores over the course of the year, but none of them fit perfectly, so we were in the same silly (and sometimes messy) predicament. Until I found one that fits - it is so nice to be able to put something in there and not worry that it's going to tip over. It's the small things.

2. Winter boots: last year for Christmas, one of the things my parents bought for P was a pair of lovely Kamik winter boots. They were so fantastic for keeping P's feet dry and warm in our wet winter weather that I requested another pair for this winter. There was a sale at the store in Saulnierville that sells them, and since I was going to be driving by, my mother asked me to pick them up. They didn't have the navy I was looking for, only red, but I bought them anyway. Then I decided to quickly pop into Smitty's (not a restaurant - another thrift store) literally across the street. I found a pair of almost-new, identical-but-navy Kamik toddler boots in the same size size. $5. Score! So I returned the new ones and went merrily on my way. Technically, I guess it was a deal for someone else, but it still counts. Oh, I also found a new Land's End winter coat for P, which is fantastic.

There were a few other little things, like some great Pottery Barn vases (sorry, couldn't find a picture) and a copy of Animalia in perfect shape (it's wrapped and under the tree for P as I type). I really didn't pick much up, but the things I did get were things I really loved or needed. We've been purging some more lately, in preparation for Son #2. It is so satisfying, and such a good deterrent for getting more stuff.


  1. Anonymous12/10/2009

    Aww, look at your belly - I can make out the shape of Son #2! Sweet!

  2. Very nice finds while thrifting. Clarence's have nice footwear. I haven't been to Smitty's in years. It's not my favorite at all. But you were so lucky to find those boots.


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