the winners & christmas is coming

Christmas has exploded in one corner of our living room, and I've already given away one very early gift (seen above). Isn't that fantastic wrapping paper? I picked it up at Chapters last year after Christmas, for next to nothing. I love it.

Okay, folks - only 4 comments to win those fantastic labels? I guess everyone else isn't quite as excited about them as I was. It it because I told you they're from the dollar store (where I very seldom go)? Regardless, I got some random numbers generated, and comments 2 and 4 were selected! Amber and wabisabinaturals are the winners! Please e-mail your mailing address to met at grahamsherrie [at] yahoo [dot] ca and I'll get them to the post office, post-haste.

Next up are those decorations! Have a great evening!


  1. I love the wrap and the ribbon! Don't you just love those after the holidays sales!!

  2. I feel sort of bad for winning again so soon, but mostly I am EXCITED! I can't wait to get all settled into my new house and use these labels to organize my pantry!

    Thanks so much for another great giveaway! :)

  3. Anonymous11/18/2009

    Oh, I would have entered had I not been mostly out of the blogging loop and wrapped up in my NaNo world. ;)

    Congrats to Amber and Wabisabinaturals!


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