cherry burl bowl

We went to a craft fair a few weekends ago, with a couple of specific vendors in mind. One of them was Winston Spates, a local artist who makes the most gorgeous hand turned bowls, ornaments, and other creations from wood. They are more carefully finished and finely done than any others that I've seen. This is a cherry burl bowl we bought for ourselves (we bought a different one last year as a gift and wished that we had bought one for ourselves, too) and we also bought a gorgeous ornament (Phillip's choice), which I'll try to remember to post a picture of soon.
Mr. Spates said that he does most of his business directly, through a studio at his home. Since he doesn't have a website, if you're local (or not) and are interested in his extremely reasonably-priced work (this bowl was $40 - a complete steal) just leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I'll send his contact information your way.

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  1. Anonymous11/18/2009

    What a beautiful bowl! $40 is indeed a steal. I've been eying turned bowls for a while but they were always a bit pricier than I can justify right now.


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