up and running with a little giveaway

This frosty scene greeted me when I walked out of the door yesterday to another beautiful day in a streak of sunny November weather we've been having.
To celebrate our computer's being back (essentially, it's a new computer - all new innards, and half of a new outer) I'm going to have a little giveaway! I found these little adhesive chalkboard labels at the dollar store today, and picked up a couple of extra packages to send to a couple of lucky readers! Each package has four different labels in it; they're stickers with a slightly rough surface, perfect for writing on with chalk and sticking to just about anything. As you can see, I used two of them on jars on the laundry shelf. (Incidentally, I picked up the jars at Frenchy's awhile ago - even though they don't have matching lids, I think they're pretty great. And I wish that I had a chalk sharpener so the writing could have been made tidier. Ah, well.)

So... leave a comment about how you would use them before I get home from work and have a chance to choose two winners (sometime in the early evening Atlantic time) on Tuesday November 17, and a package could be on its way to you!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I would use those handy little labels for the boys' toy bins, because every time I turn around they've dumped them out and put something new in it! Right now there are cars in the toy food/dishes bin and blocks in the cars bin... it's just oh so confusing.

  2. Now that I have your express permission to enter another one of your giveaways, I am doing just that. :)

    I would use the fabulous little labels to easily mark (and change) the jars I store my bulk grains in. Sometimes I don't refil with the same exact kind of rice or flour and it's been a real pain trying to figure out a labeling system that is easily changed...

  3. Ah Sherrie you've done it again...this is totally what I need for my baking cupboard!! I agree with Amber- I'd use them for identifying what's in what.

    PS- you look fantastic lady!!


  4. These would be great for organizing our teas! Love your jars!

  5. I love these for organizing our art supplies and ingredients. I do artwork with adults with mental illness and have been looking for these for a little while. Please let me know if they are still available. Thank you. John.
    my work email is johnw@buckelew.org


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