a perfect kitchen

I just saw this kitchen over here at AT, and almost keeled over. It's perfectly perfect. I especially love the glass doors on the upper cupboards, and the fact that it's small enough that everything's close at hand, but smartly laid out. Off-white cupboards are always great, and I love the little architectural detail in the upper left corner, too. Mmm.

Our computer's not back yet (my stash of photos and things to share is growing!) but the repairs were finished today. So far, we've spent $120 in shipping to send it back and forth for the same problem (they had to replace the logic board three times since we bought it - I think that sounds like their fault rather than a fluke), so we're working on getting Apple to reimburse that shipping money for us. Hopefully it will work! (The computer and getting a refund!)

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  1. Gor. Geous.

    You have had thee worst luck with that darned computer! It baffles me.


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