recipe-a-week #35: mom's corn chowder

My mom's not much of a cook. I'm sure she could be if she put her mind to it, but she's just not interested. Actually, we're about as opposite as you can get - she isn't into decorating, craftiness, or any of the other things I love. (Except Phillip. of course.) Something funny happened last Christmas that sums her up neatly.

I really wanted a copy of Great Food Fast. Mom asked me what I wanted, so I told her that it was something I would really enjoy and use. I didn't get it from her on Christmas day, but since she's kind of got a habit of forgetting gifts in closets, before I went out and bought it, I thought I'd better ask, just in case.

"Mom, did you happen to get a copy of Great Food Fast for me for Christmas and forget to give it to me? I'm just checking before I buy my own copy."

"No, I didn't - you have a cookbook already."


Incidentally, speaking of cookbooks, here's Martha's new book, Dinner at Home, which I won by calling the Sirius channel on the day I was nearly killed. It's pretty great, as one would expect.
All that said about Mom's cooking, there are a few things she makes that I love. (One of which is refried macaroni in tomato soup, which sounds revolting but is heavenly.) Another is her corn chowder. I made a batch while the computer was down and out, and here's the "recipe".

Sherrie's Mom's Corn Chowder

In a wee bit of butter, saute some finely chopped onions in the bottom of a large pot. If they start to brown, add a bit of water. Cook until translucent. Add a bunch of diced potatoes, and enough water just to cover. Bring to a boil, then reduce and cook at a simmer until potatoes are tender. Add in one can of 2% milk, a can of creamed corn, and some extra corn niblets, if you have some on hand. Douse liberally with black pepper (that's my addition) and grated carrot, if you like. Heat though, and serve. YUM. I ate this for about four days straight and didn't get tired of it.

Here I am on my way to Ingrid's baby shower last weekend.

And my little addendum - 20 weeks at the time.Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  1. "You have a cookbook already"... That's hilarious!

  2. Yes! That's my favourite Audrey story.

    That's also pretty much how I make corn chowder . . . and I could also eat it every day for a week (as long as there are lots of homemade biscuits nearby).

  3. You look very pretty all dressed up for the shower. I never think of making corn chowder. I should make this one.

  4. Ooooh... I'm assuming Audrey doesn't read your blog?? ;) Too funny!!


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