Can you believe that P was this small? And cute? (He's on a steady continuum in the cute department, methinks.) I keep wondering if Son #2 (that's what we've decided to name him) will look like P or not. We'll see! Now that we've had the ultrasound, I just really, really want to meet him. I remember the same feeling with P.

Still no computer. We're expecting it to arrive first thing tomorrow! In the meantime...
a few other fun things to share:

Pictured above, the most beautiful baby quilt I've ever seen. (Photo from here.) I wish I could touch it! It's in Jewelweeds' Etsy shop. She was the featured seller on Etsy a few days ago, and I fell in love with everything she makes, and even ordered a few little gifts for Christmas. The featured seller interview is here, and she has a blog here, too!

I thought that this would be so much fun to try - such a simple way to make foamy steamed milk, without any tools other than a glass jar and a microwave. And Phillip would love the texture of the foamed milk.

Speaking of making fun things, here's how to make your own microwave popcorn. Yum.

Here's hoping that the computer will indeed arrive tomorrow and I'll have a nice bloggy weekend!


  1. Okay, weird! I was totally thinking about ordering you some tea towels for Christmas from Jewelweeds. I guess I don't have to now! :)

  2. Ummm, yes you do! :) And I was just telling Adam yesterday what a sad state our tea towels are in...


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