a tree-filled christmas

Phillip and I had a lot of fun getting out the Christmas decorations on the weekend. For the past few years, I've really kept things to a minimum, but this year I'm feeling nest-y and wanted to make the living room 86.9% cozier. The catch being that some of these things aren't toddler-friendly. So I moved our customary family and friends pictures from the bookshelf, and set up a little birch themed space, well out of reach. I used a Frenchy's table runner underneath everything to add some more texture. My dad has a woodlot and cut a few specific birch pieces for me to use in craft fair displays, and I bought the tabletop birch trees after Christmas last year for next to nothing. The birch bark candle was a Frenchy's find (it was new) and the little white ceramic Christmas tree with the red lights was purchased at a craft fair this fall by Adam and I - it reminded us both of our grandmothers. And Phillip loves it. He says goodnight to it. I asked Adam if my display looked too much like a store display, and I loved his response:
"If you're selling Christmas!"


  1. Sweet, but how did we get here again so quickly??!!

  2. Everything is so lovely Sherrie. I love it. You are making me want to get out my decorations but I'm heading to New Brunswick this weekend so it'll have to wait til the next.

  3. I love it! Bring on the Christmas! We're not there yet, but we will be very soon - I can't wait!

  4. I want to decorate so badly now! Maybe I can hang a wreath in my car to tide me over...

    Phillip's answer was priceless! I will most likely be giggling about that all day. :)

  5. Anonymous11/18/2009

    Wow, you brought out the Christmas decorations already? We usually wait until after the U.S. Thanksgiving, but I keep the stuff up until Jan. 1st...I love the festive look, and if we all that work decorating, I want it set up for a looong time.

    I love your decorations and how they look against your red wall!


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