old man luedecke

After loving Old Man Luedecke's music for what seems like ages, I finally got the chance to see him live and in person last weekend! I am quite possibly the geekiest, most eager fan, ever, so I plunked myself in a front row seat, went right up to him out in the lobby of the Al Whittle theatre and even asked Adam to take a picture. OML was very kind, gracious, and humoured me. My favourite thing was the way he thanked the audience after each song - he seemed so genuinely pleased and appreciative. It was as if no one had ever clapped for that song, ever, and he was completely delighted.

And in completely related news, this month there's a free download of his first album over on his site. Go download it! (And his others, as well.) Happy Saturday!

*Edited to add: I think I should have been smiling a bit harder.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!! I am listening to it while I pack up our entire house for a move - I love that I'll be able to listen to this in years to come and remember as part of "our soundtrack" of this time in our lives.

    I love me some banjo, that's for sure.

    love reading your blog (and Adam's too!)
    Thanks again!!

  2. You should hear the announcers on our favourite radio station (WNCW) try to pronounce his name. Different (always wrong) every time.

    Last night I decided I needed to contact you to ask your advice on making soap. I thought it would be a fun one-time project with Alasdair. Thought I could even maybe buy some supplies from you, knowing I wouldn't need whole boxes of whatever the ingredients are.

    However, then I found this tutorial from you ... http://birchbarksoap.blogspot.com/2008/02/cold-process-soapmaking-tutorial.html Ya, it's not really a kid-friendly project, is it? Hmm. Is there another method I could use with him?

    No rush. Considering doing it as Christmas presents!

    p.s. I will not remember to come back here! Please to e-mail me ...

  3. How wonderful!!! I hadn't listened to him before you posted that link to the free download but now we love him! Lucky you getting to meet him!


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