another Saturday night, another cup of tea

Does it seem as though I've only been posting links lately? There are just so many great things out there - it's hard not to feel overwhelmed sometimes, and I think that I somehow feel like sharing with you makes it less ovewhelming for me. So thanks for humouring me!

It's a long weekend, and I'm enjoying some happy family time. And some tea. (That's a teacup that I found at Frenchy's awhile back. And maybe a nap, if I'm lucky!

I borrowed about a zillion books from the library this week. Seriously, the stack is about three feet high. I sat down with this one for a few minutes last night, and it looks fantastic. The idea is not only to use local foods, but alternatives to sugar as well. And it's soooo pretty.

A chicken coop tour! What a fantastic idea in a sensible city where they're permitted! Over at A Sonoma Garden, there's a virtual tour for those of us who couldn't be there in person.

Rachel's post on seeing beauty kind of made my day yesterday.

And at Little Homestead in the Valley, they've been making cheeses! Chevre! And cream cheese! I am swooning. And making plans.

Love these tips for getting your canning plan together. Being overly ambitious does seem to be something I struggle with. I am adding one thing to my list for sure, though - I am absolutely going to make this blueberry syrup. I can almost taste it. Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can buy jars like these?

Sometimes, things - random things; it could be a picture, the sun doing something gorgeous, smelling the ocean in a breeze - just make me so unreasonably happy that I want to squeal. Really squeal. Like, out loud. And if I'm by myself, I will. I didn't squeal out loud this morning, but I wanted to when I read this post. Perfect spring lunch, indeed!

I hope that you're enjoying the long weekend, too.


  1. sherrie,
    i love your blog so much, it is a highlight for me!! Those jars are amazing, i would totally buy some for maybe some homemade ketchup, and that chevre looked divine. Thanks so much:)

  2. Hi Sherrie,

    I had the same reaction this weekend when I was driving past the ocean, and I could smell the salty air. I love that!


  3. I hope that your new house will be in a place that allows chickens. :-)


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