Thanks for all of your sweet well-wishes. I'm feeling quite a bit better today, and even ate a bit. I think we're out of the worst of it now; Adam was stricken overnight but is on the upswing. P is still fine, but I won't let that fool me: this bug comes out of nowhere. I think Thomas is over it, but he's been quite fussy all day so far. I think it might be teeth; the one time he really stopped that whiny, whimpery nasal cry was when he popped the end of a broom handle in and had a good chew. He and Adam are both soundly napping right now, and P is playing on my iPod. A very special treat for him, and it lets me sit still for a little while. I feel like we have been sick a lot this past year - you must be tired of my wailing.

Now, on to more pleasant things. Speaking of those sweet boys of mine, I found that amazing wooden paper roll at Frenchy's last week. For $1.50, and with all of that paper! I'm not sure if I'll be able to find refills for it when it runs out, but I'm hoping. Of course, Phillip is having fun drawing stories. See the people he's drawn? The circle around one of them is because he's not real; he's in a thought bubble. The other guy is imagining him. P carefully explained that to me when I asked, and he drew a line connecting them. He likes for Adam to write the words, because "I can't write or spell," he says. Which is only half true.
And if you think there's anything sweeter than a baby's cheek, I challenge you to a duel. Unless it's a baby bum cheek - those are pretty great, too. Thomas often sleeps really hard, and after that particular nap, awhile back, woke with the imprints of his hands, right down to the wrinkles and fingernails, on his sweet cheek. My lovely little chubbers!

Well, we'll continue mending over here in our little nest, and if you're well, please enjoy it! If you're under the weather too, here's to a speedy recovery.

Oooh, and before I go, a bunch of things I haven't blogged:
1) I bought a bazillion herbs last weekend, including stevia, which I'm excited to try with some mint in iced tea. I also bought lemon and chocolate mints, summer savory, curry plants, and rosemary. In case we do end up moving over the summer, I planted them all in pots, and they make a cute little garden on the back step. I'm still on the lookout for tarragon; if you're local and have seen it somewhere, please let me know where I can find it.

That's all for now. I think I might just lay down for a bit. Have a lovely, healthy weekend!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! The hand print on the side of his face is SOOOOOO adorable!! I wouldn't have been able to make it out, if you hadn't told us it was there. So cute!

  2. I think I said "awwwww" the entire post. ;) You find the best things at Frenchy's; I don't think I've ever found anything near as neat as the stuff you do in all the thrift stores I've ever been to. Please do keep us posted on your herb garden! Hope you get lots of rest this weekend and that everyone will be well by the end of it!

  3. Sweetums11/17/2011

    Very beautiful photos, one of them especially mystical ...

  4. Have you had your children's birth charts made ? http://www.astro.com/samples/tke.htm?


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