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We've been up to big 'real life' things around here this week: our house is now for sale! The listing doesn't yet have all of the pictures up, but they should be very soon. Have a peek!

We are in a very fortunate situation; the house that we saw with the amazing wood stove is going to wait for us as long as we need to sell our house. Exciting times!

I don't have too much else to say about exciting things (I did make two batches of crackers, one of which was terrible and one was excellent!) but didn't take any pictures. And I worked and did all of the regular stuff. I do have a few links for you, though! Judging from the ones I have to share with you tonight, I think I'm on a food kick this week. Not that I've actually been making any food lately (other than the crackers) - that is really Adam's day-to-day thing while I'm off to work. For which I am very, very appreciative! But I have been reading cookbooks, one of my favourites was The Art of Preserving which I borrowed from the library. Gorgeous.
Just thought you might like to see the sweet message P wrote on the whiteboard for me a few days ago.

Our second CSA share was this week, and I'm excited for our second, tomorrow. We shared some very, very tasty meals this week.

I can't stop looking at the meals on this gorgeous blog.

I want to make these muffins.

And this rice.

And these cookies.

Anyone running along with me? Here's a little update. I'm on week 5, and running a total of 16 minutes, three times a week! (With brisk walking in between, before and after.) It doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it is compared to the whole lot of nothing I was doing 5 weeks ago. And it is a WHOLE lot easier than it was in the beginning, and it is SO much better than doing nothing! I can't say that I have more energy, but I do seem to be a little bit clearer in my head, and my body feels much better. And my heart is thanking me. I don't have any magical way of getting up super early to start my day - that does sound ideal, but when T wakes up at 6 or before, I don't think that's going to work for me. So one weekend morning I go at breakfast time, and two weeknights I go after the boys are in bed, when Adam is home. It's not ideal, but it works, and I'm still doing it, which is the important part!
Mother's Day! I am so far behind. This is how I spent some lovely time in bed with an issue of Martha. And a frog. And Phillip's sweet, cuddly company. Thomas was really into his breakfast, so P and I had a very nice time together. 


  1. it all looks amazing sherrie, good luck with the house and the hens at your new place, you should get some funky ones that lay dark brown eggs or something:)

  2. Joanne MD-B5/14/2011

    You have some exciting things going on! Will you remain your blog? I can't wait to hear details of the new place :)

  3. Joanne MD-B5/14/2011

    I meant 'rename' your blog...

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm thinking of trying to find some Araucana hens; they lay the pale blue eggs. Not sure how easy / difficult they would be to get aorund here, though!

    Joanne, I don't know... that's a good question. :)

  5. Yay! That's so exciting for you. When the time comes for hens, drop me a note. There is a farm in New Germany that sells the Americaunas (green/blue) and Marans (dar chocolate brown). That probably wouldn't be too far a drive.

    Very exciting times for you! Congrats and good luck on the house sale (:

  6. Anonymous5/15/2011

    Your house is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I bet someone will fall in love with it right away - what lucky homeowners they will be! It's almost enough to make me pick up and move to the other end of the province. You've done such a lovely job - the exterior makes me swoon, and the touches inside (from the painted wood floors to the perfect bedrooms) make the house perfectly warm and welcoming. I can't wait to see what you do with the next...

  7. Anonymous5/15/2011

    You have a beautiful home! Best of luck that you are able to sell quickly so you can move in your new house.

    I love your blog, I've been reading for some time now but haven't commented until today.


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