mending nicely

I think my photo mojo has come back - yesterday morning, when I finally went out the door to empty the compost bin, I needed to take some pictures to share. It felt so good, and I took enough for several posts. This is actually the only one that I took inside. I love lily of the valley. Love, love, love. And we have literally thousands of them in our yard. They are so delicate and graceful.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that Phillip woke up this morning on the run and hungry. His version of this bug was much milder than Adam and I had it. I think that tomorrow, we'll be back to our normal selves!

So today, because I was feeling so amazing (I usually feel even more energetic and enthusiastic than usual right after I've been sick, maybe because I'm more appreciative or something?) I completely cleaned the entire house, top to bottom. Adam was up to watching the boys for awhile, so that's how that got accomplished. I also: did most of the usual boy-looking aftering, whipper-snipped, planted seeds with Phillip, tidied and weeded the veg beds and found piles of black ants in one of them - what the heck do I do about those? are they a problem? - watered the beds, went for a run, bathed boys, put boys to bed. I feel like I did something else exciting in there, but I can't remember what. Oh yeah - cleaned the whole house! Some buyers were going to come look at the house last evening, and we had to cancel because P was sick. I felt kind of bad about it, but really, there was nothing we could do. We're hoping that they might be able to come soon.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short and sweet post, because I must scoot. Hope that you had a healthy weekend!

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  1. Hooray...P is well and so are you!!! You did way more than I did today and you're recuperating for goodness sake. Wow!

    Our lilies of the valley came and went too quickly, so thank you for the lovely photo of yours!


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