Well, it feels as though it's been all 'me, me, me' around here lately. So here are some things I've come across to share!

Love this post on the 'win or lose' parenting myth.

Look at these stunning spring onions. I think I'm going to try that recipe. I love onions almost as much as I love lily of the valley. And roasting things can only make them heavenly!

These unusual rhubarb recipes have me drooling. The rhubarb ketchup sounds especially lovely!

Loved this post of Jenna's.
Oh, my shampoo saga goes on. I'm still using up the 'regular' stuff that I have on hand. But I did an experiment last week, which looks promising. Rather than using potassium hydroxide to make a proper liquid soap (which I tried before and it was a semi-unsuccessful pain), I grated and dissolved some of my unscented soap in water. And let it sit for awhile. And it got to be a lovely consistency! So I'm thinking that I might okay with proportions and such, and come up with something like this. Beautiful, no?

Good for them, indeed. Love, love, love this one.

The second photo in this post makes me so. happy.

I'm still super excited about my herbs this year, and this post on herb-infused water only makes me moreso!

Vanilla roasted berries. Holy.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. What gorgeous photos! I am glad to hear you are all on the mend. I am almost fully back to my non-sniffly self. I think the sunshine helped! :)

  2. Oh, thanks, Alli! I'm glad that you're feeling better. Speaking of sniffles, I'm still embarassed at all of my nose-blowing when we went for Thai! I'll be in Hfx at the end of June... :)

  3. Such yummy recipes! So happy you like my photo :)) I love your inspiring links but I love your me, me, me posts as well, so keep them coming Sherrie ;))

  4. Are you attempting to go shampoo free? I use apple cider vinegar and baking soda (not at the same time) for my hair currently in stead of shampoo.. and honestly I doubt my hair has ever been healthier. If only I wasn't entering the time where all my hair will fall out due to baby hormones... (Sigh)

    INCREDIBLE pictures. I just love dew on flowers. They are stunning... really.



  5. Thank you, Kristina! I love most of your pictures, but every now and then, one completely blows me away. :)

    Thanks, Val! I'm considering going shampoo-free, once I finally use up all of the shampoo we have on hand (and once it's summer and I won't have to go to work with greasy hair). Speaking of which, how was your transition? Did you have a few weeks with super greasy hair in between? And thanks for your sweet compliments. :)


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