thyme in a bottle

I have a quick herb tip for you this afternoon, while all three of my boys are sleeping. If you get little bunches of herbs in your CSA basket, or even at the grocery store, you can do a few things with them to help them last. Keeping them in a bottle or cup of water in the fridge or on the counter will keep them fresh for a week or so, if you'll be using them up. You can also chop and freeze herbs, to add to soups and such. But if you wanted them to last a bit longer, keeping them on the windowsill in water will encourage them to sprout some teeny-tiny roots. Which you can then, of course, start your own plant with.
P came down with 'the sick' as he woke up this morning. Poor guy. The washer has been going non-stop, and today I've felt up to some serious cleaning. Speaking of thyme, the disinfectant that I use when we're sick is made from thyme oil. Amazing things, plants!


  1. Noooo...not poor P too! I'm hoping he'll get a less serious case of it.

    Your photography sure makes everything look extra beautiful!

  2. I think that your good wishes helped, Teresa! He's much perkier now, his colour's better, and he's kept down a piece of toast. Yay!

  3. In that case, I'm sending more good wishes...for Adam and T! :)


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