candied lemon peel

March Break, Day 1: candied lemon peel. (And maybe lemon curd later today, if the stars align.) I'm thinking that I just might try to do or make one thing I haven't before for each of these glorious days off. I thought that the lemons in the pantry would be a good place as any to begin.

I used a recipe from Everyday Food, and it was really simple. Orange or grapefruit could also be used. It takes a bit of time, but that's mostly waiting time. And I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to use these for... any suggestions?
First, the peels are cut up and boiled. This removes that bitter flavor. Then, they're briefly cooled, and boiled again, this time in a simple syrup. (Which I saved the leftovers from - yum!) After that second boil, they're beautiful and translucent.
Then, after cooling for about an hour, they're ready to be tossed in sugar.
Aren't they gorgeous?

Stored in an airtight jar, (thanks again to Austen for the jar... I think it will see a lot of use!) they will keep for three weeks.

Have you tried anything new lately? Have any suggestions for things I should try this week? I'm certainly not limiting myself to the kitchen! It's supposed to be a beautiful sunny week, so some outdoor activities would be fun.

Hope you're having a pleasant Monday!


  1. I've NEVER candied my own peels, but WHY NOT!?!?! Thanks Sherrie. They're beautiful.

  2. I did this with orange recently and I used it a few ways - chopped up in both muffins and cookies anywhere you would use orange rind this is great. I also like a little bit of it chopped up very finely to top my morning bowl of fruit, yogourt and granola.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, jennybookworm! The cookie thing sounds especially appealing. I'm thinking an orange shortbread, perhaps. :)


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