swap box, crewel cowl, and link love (grab a cup of tea, it's long!)

I received the most fantastic swap box in the mail this week from Austen! I sent her a beautiful bowl and a few other little things, and she sent me the most gorgeously wrapped, perfectly perfect assortment of things that I adore. Including that sweet little white cup which fits perfectly on my kitchen windowsill, delicious granola in a vintage Crown canning jar (I didn't have one in my collection until now!) and dish cloths which she knit! With little loops on the corners and everything! And a sweet little heart cookie / biscuit cutter and a teeny Moleskine notebook... I had so much fun opening it, and I love that little reminders of her are all around my house! Thank you, Austen.
Last night, I whipped up a linen crewel cowl (try saying that five times fast!) from a chair cover I found at Frenchy's ages ago. In true Sherrie-in-a-hurry fashion, I eyeballed the entire thing - not a measuring tape or straightedge was used for the entire project. And I love how it turned out.

Nice and light and Springy, I think.

Thanks so much for all of the sweet well-wishes for Phillip! The total visit time at outpatients yesterday was 1 hour and 15 minutes; quite unlike the 6 hour marathons we had before. A minor miracle, folks! The doctor said that his ear is still not healed, but is better than Tuesday (also to be thankful for: he's miraculously seen the same doctor all three times), so he prescribed a different antibiotic for a shorter time. He's pretty much back to his old self, Thomas and I are fine - I think we're pretty much over this one!

I'm in a blessedly quiet house right now. A and P are at soccer, Thomas is napping. I have the windows open, I hear birds at the feeder and the bulbs coming up. Okay, so maybe I don't hear the bulbs, but I know they're there are growing, and sometimes that's enough.

I have some links that I've been saving up to share this weekend. I know that I've been sharing lots more links than usual as of late, but I get such great feedback from readers that instead of keeping them to myself, I'm happy to pass them around.

Everyone's blog posts these days seem to be about garden planning. You know what? As much as I want to be a planner and execute everything exactly as I envision, that's just not the way I roll. (See crewel comments above). And that's okay. I might have a vague notion of what types of things I want to plant, I buy some seeds, and just kind of, well, plant them!  One thing we tried last year was seed tape. Although it's a bit more expensive than seeds, it was much easier to plant with Phillip's 'help' than loose seeds. Guess what I came across this week? You can make your own seed tape.

My hair tends to be oily. I'm thinking of trying some dry shampoo; maybe just using cornstarch? The break next week might be a good time to do some testing.

I still haven't done any freezer paper stencilling. There's a great tutorial over here. Maybe I'll get something fun done over the break. P has a birthday party to go to, so maybe we'll make something together.

I've been wanting to try grinding my own flour for awhile. Looks like fun! Anyone have a grinder out there? How do you like it?

Tea infused oatmeal. Definitely on my to-try list for my break next week.

How to parent without labels. Love, love, love this article. Singing my song!

I've been meaning to tell you about the Makers for weeks now. Go and soak in the beauty.

Austen did such a great job on this that I want to try it, too! I'm thinking a giant version to hang on the wall would be awesome.

Novella Carpernter's Urban Fam. Those goats are SO cute. I want some goaty kisses! I love how matter-of-fact and straightforward she is about everything, especially related to slaughtering animals.

There. I see that the sun just peeked out, so I think I might go sit on the step with some tea. Do you have any great links to share? Leave them in the comments, if you do. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi there, I found your blog via your soap blog and i love them both. I just wanted to give you some feedback on grinding flour. I have a blendtec grain mill and it is fantastic. All electric mills are pretty load so that it something to keep in mind. I usually grind flour while my little ones are napping or in another room so I don't damage their ears and I use ear plugs. It doesn't take long to grind flour with an electric mill though. With a hand cranked mill it will take a looooong time. But it might be something fun for the kiddos to help with. Most of all though, it is sooooo worth it. Fresh ground flour is so much better. Also you can adjust how finely you grind it on most mills, so, for instance, you can make finely ground whole wheat pastry flour and not have to pay top dollar for it.

    Thanks for the links. I got a lot of good reading/ideas!

  2. you need to try bishAlive shampoo for that oily hair, you will love it! I'm sure it's what heaven smells like too. :)

  3. tee hee hee "that oily hair." Sorry that sounds rude, I didn't mean it to. :)

  4. Not at all, Raegan! I tried Googling that shampoo - are you sure that's the name? Thanks!

    Trying to find a shampoo that works is proving to be such a pain that I just might try going 'poo free' as they say. Hmmm. Thinking about it.

  5. Katie, thanks so much for stopping by, and thanks for the mill tips and sweet words about my little blog. I just might look into it further!

  6. Don't you just love getting surprises in the mail. I never get mail (except bills of course) and when I get things that I've ordered myself - even then I get excited when I open the mailbox. I love your link loves. I'm actually thinking of posting my link loves myself. You get to know a blogger friend more through their link loves me thinks. Take care. Might see you next Saturday.

  7. I do love the mail, Vickie! I get excited about stuff that I've ordered, too - mostly because by the time that it arrives, I've forgotten! :) I can't wait to see your links, and to (hopefully) see you on Saturday. :)


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