We looove oats in this house. Steel cut, in crumbles, with berries - all delicious.  For breakfasts, we buy the quick oats (not instant, which are pre-cooked) and simply add some boiling water to them right in the bowl. No need for sugary (and in my opinion terrible-tasting) packets of instant stuff. Just as quick and easy, and with a drizzle of maple syrup and a handful of almonds or blueberries and maybe a splash of milk - a super quick and easy breakfast. For baking, I love me some rolled oats. The texture is divine.
And the light this morning was so beautiful that I just had to take some pictures to share.

I am very, very thankful this morning for being able to get in and see my doctor quickly. I called, and they told me to go in right away - turns out that I have a raging infection (ears and throat) and am starting antibiotics. I'm not usually one for drugs, but sometimes they are necessary. And I am so thankful to have ready access!

Also, and definitely not least of all, the daffodils outside of my doctor's office are up! Not open, but up. Hallelujah! Spring really is almost here!


  1. 1) YAY I love rolled oats... and oatmeal for breakfast! (the quick ones are what I get too)

    2) soooo sorry you have those infections!! hope you feel better very, very, very soon.

    3) good thing though that your doctor's office fit you in so quickly.

    May you heal quickly and be back to your normal self soon!

  2. Aww, feel better soon! I hope the antibiotics kick the infection's butt and you're healthy in no time!

  3. Sorry you are sick! I hope you feel relief soon. We live in Bridgetown (actually Hampton) but if you are traveling around somewhere we could maybe meet up. We love getting out and exploring. Let me know when and where and we can maybe work something out. And, I have some steel cut oats soaking on a pot for tomorrow morning. I love oats!

  4. I love oats and steel cut oats is my favorite favorite. I just love the crunchy-ness. Gees, I hope you're feeling better soon. A lot of employees here at the university are sick, eek; I stay in my office as much as possible. Take care. Hope the boys are doing well also.

  5. oh you poor thing! I hate eat infections! Those antibiotics should get you back on track soon.

    I too really like oats, we always toss a handful of steel cut on our fruit and yogurt. Sometime we use maple syrup but more often these days we are using homemade jam as our sweetener!

    As for the daffodils...I am excited that spring is coming but deep down it also scares me. I am not looking forward to the summer heat waves and what else this changing climate has to throw at us this year. Sorry to be a downer but this time of year always hammers it home for me.

  6. this morning, for the first time in my life, i cooked some old fashioned oats on the stovetop for breakfast. they were a hit! i put some brown sugar, raisins, and pumpkin pie spice on mine. reminded me of the little packets of oatmeal i grew up with - only ten times better. at least. hope you feel better soon!


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