link love and snowdrops

This is a picture I took  few years ago - someone favourited it on my flickr stream the other day, and I remembered how pleased I was with how it turned out.

Before the link love, a quick family health status update: I am so very thankful for our health care system, for prescription coverage through my work, for being able to get in and see doctors promptly this week, for very kind, caring and helpful pharmacists, and for the availability of medication in this rich country of ours. Phillip was almost himself again today, after a couple of days of antibiotics. Thomas was having some trouble breathing yesterday and now has a puffer and antibiotics, poor little guy. Turns out he had chest and ear infections. We never would have guessed it was that serious - he doesn't act sick at all. I was just concerned that the cold just wasn't getting better. We took him in again this morning to be checked, and the doctor was satisfied with his progress, so he'll be checked again on Saturday. Poor little guy! I think that my antibiotics will kick in and I'll start to feel better tomorrow. Thanks so much for all of your kind words and caring, and for listening to me ramble on! (I guess I have more time to do it, since I haven't been well enough to work this week!) On to the link love!

Soule Mama's post captures perfectly the anticipation of Spring, without wanting to wish this moment away.

There's something about this kitchen that I love. (Also, her sweater-thing in the first picture is amazing. What do you call it, anyway?)

Do you have a child whose default response to a question is "I don't know?" This post has lots of concrete suggestions that just might help.

The day after I started a hunt for some Matcha green tea, The Kitchn posted this tutorial on how to prepare it. They're always timely!

Rather than using scary airborne chemically stuff to polish your wood, try making this.

Here's a site with TONS of DIY cosmetics recipes.

A (gorgeous) real house, mess and all!

Someone please buy me this. My birthday's coming up, if you need a reason! And while you're at it, I'll take one of these, too. (L) I'm loving my Nikki McClure prints so very, very much, that I think I need something else to go alongside. And the profits go to support notfarfromthetree.org, whose work I've mentioned before.

Speaking of things mentioned before, if you've got some coughs going around your home you can make your own cough drops. Or you can make some for me. I was all gung-ho to make these last week before we got sick, but actually feeling rotten puts a damper on ambition.

Imagine Childhood is a lovely, lovely blog to visit with plenty of fun ideas.

I hope that you're having a healthy week!


  1. Anonymous3/03/2011

    Sherrie, I'm so sorry to hear that you've all been sick...especially the poor kids! I really hate it when the littlest ones who can't blow their noses yet get sick. They get so miserable that I just want to suffer their illnesses for them.

    I'm glad that it sounds like P and T are finally on the mend!

    Beautiful photos of snowdrops; I didn't know that they make good cut flowers. I really must subscribe to your flikr feed.

    Take good care of yourself and continue to get well!

  2. Awww, thanks Teresa. You're so sweet! I hope that you and your boys are well!

  3. I think they have Matcha green tea at David's Tea. I hope the boys will get better with each day. Sounds like you guys got it pretty nasty.

  4. Good to hear you are all getting better! Hope the medicine works its wonders and you'll all be jumping around again in no time :)

  5. Thanks, Kristina. This morning, we all seem to be significantly improved, and the babe slept through! Hallelujah! :)


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