snowdrops, sewing, Spring, and soap molds

The snowdrops are as sweet as ever.
  One more day of work, and it will be March Break. I am absolutely looking forward to it! I have some plans. This linen / cotton chair cover I picked up at Frenchy's a long time ago is going to become a springy cowl. I'm super excited for that.
These were the Lily of the Valley yesterday. I am really, really, really looking forward to filling the house with their sweet breath later in the Spring.
I bought a few of Bramble Berry's 12 bar square silicone soap molds to try out, (Hi, Anne-Marie!) and they're pretty great. This is a custom batch I whipped up a few days ago, and I'm really pleased with how actually square the bars turned out. Getting the top perfectly smooth is always the elusive trick, but I think these are about as nice as you'll find. And the price ($12.50) is pretty nice, too. 
Seal of approval!
And these Amy Butler fabrics are going to cover a wreath form. I'm excited for that, too.

I am not excited, however, to take P back to outpatients tomorrow. This second antibiotic is causing serious digestive distress, so the pharmacist recommended not giving him any more and getting a new prescription for the little guy. Which means another day spent waiting with a bunch of other sick people. I can't wait for him to have his family doctor! (He's on a waiting list and will be in... sometime.)

I wish I had a magic wand and could do a few things tonight:
a) have everyone healthy and in top form
b) have the house spotless from top to bottom (it's really not that bad, it would just be nice)
c) have everything done on the lingering list of work things to do at my office
d) have all of my soap for the Beacon Market on the 19th magically wrap itself

I hope that you and yours are healthy.


  1. Wonderful stuff! Except for the illness. :(

    I cannot wait to see your cowl! That chair cover is gorgeous!!!

  2. What's the market at Beacon about ? is it the Farmers Market opening ? I want to go if I'm around; need soap :-) Beautiful pictures.

  3. Poor P! I hope he gets better (and a Dr!) soon!

    Sounds like you have a fun march break planned out! Your sops and photos are gorgeous as usual!

  4. Thanks, guys! We were in and out of outpatients in an hour and fifteen minutes this morning! A minor miracle! Hopefully that will be the end of our visits there for a long time.

    Vickie, it's another 'special' market, so essentially it's the farmer's market, just not during the official season. It's also a fundraising event for the SPCA; vendors donate items for silent auction. Come on out! It would be great to see you. That's next Saturday, on the 19th. :)

  5. wishing you a smooth weekend.
    looking forward to see that cowl.

  6. That chair cover is beautiful, looking forward to seeing your cowl. Your soap looks so deliciously beautiful that it almost looks edible. Hope health comes in right away along with your springtime blossoms.


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