birthday love and a giveaway!

Tomorrow is my champagne birthday! I will be 30 on the 30th. I like to think I've accomplished quite a bit so far, and since it's my birthday, I'll brag a bit. Over the past ten years: three university degrees, check. Amazing husband, check. Two beautiful, funny, adorable, smart and charming boys. Check. A career that I love and in my hometown, check. A wonderful old house that I also love, check. Oh, wait - did you catch that? I HAD BABIES. That's a big deal. And it makes anything else feel possible. I've discovered that I love to take pictures, make soap, and bake, bake, bake. I can grow things. I know what foods are in season, when. I know what I like. And what I don't. I love looking for the beauty in every day, and sharing some of that with all of you.
 I've been forcing some snowball bush and lilacs in the house. Not really intentionally; they had to be pruned to avoid gouging passersby, so I plunked them in some water. Lovely, aren't they? And although they're paler and smaller than if they had bloomed outside, the lilacs still smell! Happy birthday to me!
I LOVE birthdays. Anyone's - I think it's a great way to recognize the passing of time in a life, just like the seasons. (Which I also love.) And so, a giveaway! I'm going to make the best CD mix, ever. And I want to send it to you. With some tea that I've blended, and maybe some soap if I can figure out how to pack it without it making the tea taste soapy. Just leave a comment with some advice for this year - what should I do in my 30th year on this lovely planet?
Also, a few fun birthday links!

This is one of the most interesting recipes I've seen as of late. And since sweet potatoes are right up there with sliced bread and a good night's sleep in our house, I think I'm going to try it. And it's fast!

This is exactly how I hope my cowl turns out. Only a different colour, and in wool and all.You know. Love her boots, too.

Giant pom poms! Fun. I think I might make these, just because.

Going to have this combination next time I make lemon curd.

Homemade creme fraiche - going to try.

And how gorgeous is this creamsicle jelly? Super easy recipe, too, and perfect for this time of year. And in Weck jars! (Mine arrived, and have meyer lemon & vanilla jelly in them! Yipeeeeeeee!)

This jam pudding business sounds interesting.

Since I found exactly the Spring coat I wanted at Frenchy's for $5 (Old Navy, right size and colour and with some great buttons) I bought this to go with it! Yes, it's green, just like everything else I own. But fun and bright and Spring-y.
What's your favourite thing about this time of year?

*Edited to add: sorry if this post appeared a hundred times in your feed; I was having trouble trying to post using the iPad.*


  1. Sherrie, you are, hands down, one of the most incredible and incredibly talented women I know! Even though I'm older than you are, I look up to you and want to be like you when I grow up. :)

    I don't know how I can possibly suggest something for you to do when it sounds like you've done it all already. Hmmm, how about spinning, or weaving, or dyeing your own wool? Those would tie in nicely with your knitting.

    Or, you can trying hide tanning! If you figure out a good safe way to do that, please tell me. ;)

    Thanks for the terrific links; I'm going to try a few of those...especially the sweet potato "pasta"!

    Have a terrific 30th birthday, Sherrie; may you always be happy and blessed with wonderful things!

  2. What to do, what to do? Have you considered learning the banjo? I hear they're all the rage right now... ;)

    Happy, happy birthday Sherrie. I'm so glad I've had the chance to get to know you over these past few years. You are a wonderful, caring, inspirational person and I treasure our friendship. Have a wonderful day -- you deserve it!

  3. Happy birthday Sherrie!!! I love your tomatoe babies and the weck glasses. My mom used to do a lot of canning with those when I was a kid. And thanks for linking to my cowl :)

    So, what to do? Oh dear, I'm not good at suggestions. You're doing so many wonderful things already. Maybe knit more, now you're getting into it again? A nice warm hat for the boys or fingerless mittens for yourself?
    But the banjo is a great idea as well. Jenna from Coldantlerfarm has a string of lessons going right now :)

    Have a lovely day!

  4. Sherrie, warm wishes for an absolutely wonderful birthday. I think I'll go snip some branches off my forsythia today and bring them in ;0)

    My suggestion for you this year is to journal the cute things your sweet children do and say. Before you know it you will be "almost 50" like me, and your children will be spreading their wings. My mother has done a journal for each of her grandchildren. What a precious treasure it is to look back and see some of the funny things they did and said in years gone by. Enjoy your day and your year!!

  5. Bonne FĂȘte Sherrie. Look at this beautiful sunny morning we are having... just for you ! I'm pretty sure I see chickens in the next year (any news from council yet ?). You and I meeting for tea would be a good thing. Although you are much younger than I am, you are an inspiration every post you put up on your blog. As I've mentioned on my blog before, you were the first blog I ever read. Heck, I did'nt even know what a blog was before I found yours. So thanks to the universe for having us meet this way. Now when I mention you in a conversation with Dave I don't say "my favorite blogger from Yarmouth" anymore... when I talk about Sherrie, he knows exactly who I'm talking about :-) I cherish the virtual friendship we have here you truely are an amazing person.

    And that bango thing is starting to appeal to me too. Have a wonderful day !

  6. I think you should do what ever you feel like, that's what being 30 is all about! I'm not making any plans, I go with what I feel like on any given day or moment. You don't need anyone anyone's influences but your own. I feel that I am a much more patient and tolerant person since turning thirty. It's like someone flipped a switch! I feel that I can only get better and better as I age. Enjoy your birthday, sweet lady. Celebrate!

  7. Hi Sherrie,

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to a new decade of life. When I turned 30, I looked back over each decade of my life to see how I had grown and changed. You are still so young, and you seem like a woman who can do anything she sets her mind to. I enjoy reading your blog everyday, and always find so many great treasures and ideas, thanks for sharing these. Your upbeat and positive personality is inspiring.


  8. Happy Birthday lady! I LOVE your ability to really see the good in life- including your own! If I could offer you a suggestion for the coming year/decade- explore somewhere new...be it a corner of a town, a city or a country! Enjoy what is to come!


  9. Hey Sherrie, Happy Birthday! Hooray! I think it sounds like you should take a year to relax (though that might be just me doing some wishful thinking about my own year!) Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time with it, and I will enjoy reading about it:)

  10. Happy Birthday Sherrie!
    Being 30 (or in the thirties) is great!! I would not go back to my twenties for anything! If I can give you an advice, I would say...BE YOU!! What other people think is of no importance. You are beautiful. Enjoy each moment. Enjoy each day. Find the good in all things, even the nasty stuff! And remember that relationships are more important than ANYTHING! AND make sure you have fun!

  11. Anonymous3/30/2011

    ~Happy ,happy birthday lady!!

    ~where did you buy your weck jars from?

    ~Totally want to fill my cupboards with them:0)

  12. Hi Sherrie. I've followed your lovely blog for some time - I'm finally coming out of lurkerdom to say "Happy Birthday!" My suggestion for your thirties is to make a conscious effort to keep doing things "just because". With children and career it is so easy for those fun things to get lost in the shuffle, but so important to make sure that they don't!

  13. Joanne MD-B3/30/2011

    What a great picture of you, Sherrie. Happy 30th birthday on the 30th. Are you having some champagne? A 30th champagne birthday is nice, I had mine when I was 3 :)

    Well it sounds like you really rocked your 20's and I have no doubt that you will do the same with your 30's.

    Hmmmm, suggestion of something to do this decade? Run (we can go together sometime)

  14. This didn't get picked up by my Netvibes at all. I'm not sure why. Hmmm.

    Happy birthday again! I'm so excited about making your birthday cake. And eating it. Yum.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! We will have to have a celebration when you come in June!!

    Suggestions for your thirtieth year...I am not sure, you are already doing everything I hope to do! Since you are such a music lover, how about learning an instrument? I have seen the joy that playing music can bring to families. Maybe you can learn an instrument together!

    Big Birthday Hugs!

    PS. Meyer lemon jelly here I come! It looks amazing! :)

  16. Louisette4/01/2011

    Oh Sherrie! This post is lovely and I love how thankful and greatful you are for everything in your life. It's wonderful that you realize all of this at such a YOUNG age! :)
    We are still spring chicks, don't fret ;)

  17. You guys are all so sweet! Thank you!


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