weekend finds

What's this? A yarn picture? Who, Sherrie? Knitting? I though she was way too impatient. Well, I've caved and succumbed. I bought some gorgeous yarn and am working on a cowl. And what's that that the yarn is placed on?
Well, it happens to be an absolutely perfect rocking chair, scored at an antique sale on the weekend. For a nifty price. I saw it the weekend before, and didn't buy it. I thought about it all week, and decided that it would be the chair that I would sit on when I'm old and wrinkly and knitting away. My feet touch the floor. It doesn't rock back too far. And the spindles cradle your whole body perfectly - they're not uncomfortable at all, as you might imagine. I am in love.

The satisfaction of buying a well-made, solid wood, beautiful functional object with a history makes my core hum in a very happy way. So much more lovely than a soulless factory-made piece of synthetic, flimsy materials.
 I also scored this gorgeous Cathrinholm bowl. (For $5!)

It was a swimmingly lovely weekend for many more reasons; more on that later. Happy Monday!


  1. Yay, you're knitting! Hope you're having lots of fun, your cowl will be lovely :) The rocking chair is beautiful and ooh, that bowl is so pretty! I went thrifting as well last weekend and got a lovely set of vintage porcelain dishes to replace my Ikea ones. Just have to find the time to photograph them so I can blog about it :)

  2. What a gorgeous chair! I LOVE it! We have a lovely wooden rocking chair in our basement waiting for some space in our home. We got it free from some generous folks in Waverly when we were furnishing the apartment downstairs for Diego's sister. It may not have as long a history but it is solid wood and lovely.

    PS. good on you for starting to knit! I have sadly not picked up my needles in over a year. Once my PhD is done though....

  3. That bowl is so beautiful! And you found a great chair. Excellent finds :)

    How's knitting going?
    I know how to crochet (a little bit) but haven't tried knitting yet.

  4. I also have plans to knit a cowl and I have buttons from Frenchy's to put on it too. Fiddle practice has kind of taken over my life though. lol


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