flowers, books, and snack bags

I neglected to post this little beauty the other day. I can't remember what it's called, but it was Adam's special request a few summers ago when we were ordering fall bulbs. We have a couple of them, and I love how they droop so elegantly.
Books! Firstly, I found Simple Soft Furnishings at Value Village a few weeks ago (the pattern for the Swedish Roll-up Blind is in it), as well as Baby Gifts. Linen Wool Cotton was a birthday present from Annie, and it is gorgeous. Right up my alley. I love it. Thanks, Annie!
Also, I ordered these great little snack bags from evelynfields. They're perfect for a granola bar, a handful of raisins or almonds. And how cute are those little birdies?
I love this picture, too. I picked up a few tiny chamomile plants today, along with some mint, thyme, and curry flower. I'm hoping to have enough mint and chamomile to dry and save for tea.
Remember that lovely antique platter I had? It hung on the kitchen wall over the stove, until it fell off a few weeks ago and is now gone forever. I found this fun little artichoke at Wicker Emporium on my way home from work today, and I think it looks just right.

Happy Monday!


  1. oh could you piece the platter together...mosaic?...love all the sweet goodies here in this post

  2. So many pretty things! I'm planting lots of herbs this year as well. Like you I'm hoping to have enough to dry for tea! I'm doing lots of parsley to freeze for my spaghetti sauce batches all year long.

    Have a great week!

  3. FRITILARIA MELEAGRIS - I've always wanted to grow one, but have not yet had any success.

  4. Thanks, daringtowrite! I think we had 6 or 8 bulbs to begin with, but only two are blooming. I'm not sure what the ideal conditions are, but those two seem quite content. :)


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