morning at the beach

At last, the beach photos I promised. Periwinkle trails in the sand enthrall me. Especially when there's nary a periwinkle in sight. It looks like they were trying so hard to be productive and go somewhere, but the trails loop endlessly over and around one another and don't seem to make much progress.
It was a beautiful, sunny, warm morning. And Phillip was on a mission.
To have as much fun as possible in his "monster boots".

We even flew a kite for a grand total of about three minutes, before it crashed and was destroyed. Phillip had a fantastic time, especially with the jellyfish.

I've been feeling a bit swamped since the whole "crazy floor week" last week. (Did I mention that I took the opportunity when the kitchen, porch and pantry were cleared out to paint the porch? An evening well spent - it looks so much better and brighter.) Really, there's nothing major that needs to be done, aside from the regular stuff, (and four birthdays, Mother's Day, and an anniversary in there) but I have the sense that there is (which there isn't) and that I'm running hopelessly behind (which I'm not). I have accomplished plenty of things over the past few days, and I have several packages to take to the post office in the morning, which always makes me feel satisfied. I'm learning that for me, the general sense of having accomplished something is very important in making me feel sane.

Having said that, I feel better already.

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