a wee intro and a new floor

There! I'm back. With another picture from last weekend's trip to the beach. All of the coming and going this week has been due to a few things; I was in Halifax for work, and (drum roll, please!) we had a new kitchen floor installed! Which means that all of our appliances had to be out of the kitchen, in the middle of a work week. It took a day longer than it should have because they didn't have the flooring, after the installer prepped the floor (!) and it has been a bit of a disaster zone. (We did get a discount for the inconvenience, which was deserved.) All of that to say that I'm happy to be back, Phillip's napping, and I've finally caught up on laundry.

You may remember the floor before, in all of its brown and blue glory. It was in terrible shape, impossible to clean, and just unsightly. We couldn't afford some of the fantastic eco options like Marmoleum, so we bought one from a local store. Here's the new one!

Phillip kind of dances (hops, really) around on it, saying "Nice new floor. Nice floor." So do I.

I neglected to explain in the last post that twenty-two pleasant is where we live. The header picture is of some weeds on our lawn that I took one evening last week. I'm tickled with the image; it turned out exactly as I had hoped.


  1. I want to see the ocean!!!! The floor looks great!!!

  2. hello i am here ...loving your space AND that new floor...the sun on the water isn't half bad!I will change it in my blog list !

  3. Very nice! You must be so pleased.

  4. Now I see it. Most lovely! I am so glad for you. Where the kitchen is the hub of your home and you wanted to do so many things. But at last a major step has been taken and it looks ever so wonderful. Hooray for all of you!

  5. Sherry, your new blog is just beautiful! The name is so "right" and I always love your photos. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all!


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