I love herbs. I love how they look, smell, and taste. This year I have a few new additions to our kitchen garden (which is, incidentally, ideally located directly outside of our back door). One is eucalyptus. I'm a big fan of the scent of tea tree and other 'medicinal' herbs, and I'm hoping that this wee plant will grow well and that there will be plenty to dry later in the summer. I'm hoping to infuse some oil in a fantastic new soap I have brewing in the back of my mind. And, it's beautiful! I love that it looks so very delicate, but the leaves are tough.

I bought this eucalyptus at Blooms by the Sea, a local garden show which was held for the first time a few weeks ago. Adam and I took a grand total of $5 cash in with us; I wish we had taken more. There was some great composted seaweed made in Bear River (I can't find a website, but it's available at Ouest-ville Perennials in Pubnico) and a terrific booth set up by a local antiques dealer, with a garden theme. Think tea cups, glass jars, and old windows.

I'm heading out on an adventure today with Ingrid, so I should have lots of pictures to share soon!


  1. Good Photography!!...Which camera do you have?

  2. Thank you - I took this one with a Canon 10D. :)


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