curry village is heaven and other miscellany

First things first: Happy Birthday today to my sister and mother-in-law! If you were here, Phillip would offer you a slice of cake. I found the wooden cake at Frenchy's, and we have already used it several times. The candles and decorations velcro to the top of the cake, and there's even the plate and server. I'm hoping that it will become one of those strange family birthday traditions.
Speaking of birthdays, my sweet husband had a birthday last week! He worked away at this fantastic and improved veggie bed by our back door, where we'll once again plant tomatoes, peas, bush beans, lettuce, carrots, and other yummy things. We're also going to plant some squash and pumpkins in a spot at my parent's house, so hopefully we'll have a productive summer. I took this picture last week, and there's already a huge difference in how green everything is. I love May!
Curry Village is heaven. I was in Halifax last week for work, so Alli and I met up and went out for dinner. I asked her to recommend a place with delicious food, and she didn't disappoint. The butter chicken was so delicious, it was almost painful. Beautifully coconut-ty and divine. To sum: if you're in Halifax, go there! Alli and I then went to Value Village, where I found a few clothes for work (we stayed until they closed, which was kind of fun) and went out for tea. I had a great time, so thanks, Alli!

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  1. Two great Village experiences in one day...not bad for a trip to the city! I could do with some Curry Village. Mm!


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