photoaday April

I'm participating in fat mum slim's photo a day for the month of April! Each day has a particular thing to photograph, and today's is 'your reflection', so here I am as seen in my kettle.You should join in, too! Leave a comment if you are, so others can see your pictures, too. Fun!

I had a wonderful 31st birthday on Friday; thanks so much for all of the well-wishes!

We've had some beautiful sunny weather and just spent the afternoon outside, tidying up the gardens and soaking it in. I hope that you've been enjoying some sun, too.


  1. Oh yay! It's fun. This is my third month doing it now.

  2. Ah, bother. That comment posted from my secondary blogger account that I set up for a uni assignmnet.

  3. Facebook didn't tell me your birthday was Friday...hope you had a wonderful birthday with your handsome guys! x


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