april 25

April 25: looking down. I was standing on the step, looking down to take a picture of some tulips, when I turned around to see this sweet little guy looking down, himself.
 Speaking of the garden...
In other news, two-year-old Thomas dislocated his elbow this morning. It was awful. The doctor was wonderful, as were the nurses and other staff (most of whom we know: upside to a small town!) and she got it back in place on the second try, after some x-rays which were incredibly painful for poor Thomas. I cried at least as much as Thomas did (possibly more) - every fibre of my being just wanted to make it better, and I didn't know how.

Through his tears, he kept saying, "Kiss it, please" and "I'm all done".

Once again, I am so aware of how much we have to be grateful for. In the grand scheme of things, this was such a minor incident. We live in a beautiful, safe place where he could be seen by a doctor within fifteen minutes, and T was x-rayed and all better within a couple of hours. We're all healthy and happy and have nothing to complain about. We are so very, very thankful.

And Mr T. is back to his funny little self, and perfectly fine.


  1. So glad to hear that all is well with T!

  2. Poor little guy! I am glad he is better. I am sure he got lots of kisses once it was back in place.

  3. i can only imagine how painful that was for him and how scary for you. so glad his shoulder is fixed and he is feeling better!


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