april 19 (and P's vision)

April 19: Orange.

I've been thinking a lot about colour this week - we found out on Tuesday that Phillip is red / green colour deficient. You may or may not know that I'm a teacher of students who are visually impaired, so I make a living by supporting students with visual impairments and their parents, caregivers,  and teachers. Funny, no? Naturally, I'm feeling a bit of "WHY didn't I see this sooner?" But there's no point in that, now is there? And actually, I did notice several times that his colours weren't on par with his other accomplishments, and that he identified many things as pink and grey. Not wanting to be the paranoid teacher of students with visual impairments, I thought that I should relax and give him one area to be slower in catching up with. He has developed some good strategies for working around it. Long term, it means that he can't be a pilot or sea captain (sorry, Dad) and probably wouldn't be the best graphic designer. (He keeps saying that he wants to be a doctor or a carpenter, so thus far, he's all set.) For the past few days, I just keep thinking how curious I am as to exactly how he sees the world. Colour is so important to me, and I'm just so curious as to how he sees Adam's pictures and my pictures, for example. Of course I've thought of all of these things in relation to my students, but this (naturally) is totally different.

There's a nifty app that a colleague showed to me (thanks, Sally!) that simulates various forms of colour deficiency, which is really neat. I'm planning to chat more with P's eye doctor to get as many details as I can.

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