april 21

April 21: Bottle. Those are cuttings from a plant that my Grandmere had in her house. After she died eleven years ago or so, I took a leaf from her plant and put it in water for almost a year before it grew any roots. I planted it after that, and it took off. I just gave it a makeover, as it was getting lanky, and I tucked these in water for the time being.
The boys and I had a lovely, quiet, rainy afternoon together, complete with reading, fort-making, play-doh sculpting, drawing, and Jell-O worm making. I told Phillip just after lunch that he would be able to play on the computer at 3:30 while I started supper. This is what he did at 1:15:
The clock that he checks is on the microwave. So he thought that it would be best to sit and wait for 3:30 to roll around. That lasted for about 25 seconds.
And lastly, I thought this was so cute. All of a sudden, Phillip jumped up and said, "I need to draw something!" He went into the dining room and drew and coloured furiously for a few minutes, then asked how to spell 'you' and 'plants'. He explained to me that it's Earth Day tomorrow, and he wanted to draw a picture for the plants in the garden. That's a tree, and it says "I *heart* you plants". Since it was pouring, he set it out on the step for the plants to see rather than taking it beyond the step. He then spent a minute getting soaked while he turned it around so it wasn't upside down and they could read it.

Happy weekend!


  1. That is the CUTEST thing ever! Give him an Earth Day hug from me! Don't forget to hug T. too. :)

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. Super cute!
    I can't believe you had the patience to wait a whole year to let that leaf take root! You were well rewarded!


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