april 6

April 6: Lunch. (For Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-day for April.)

I am so, so thankful for an extra-long weekend. I played in the yard with these hooligans for a few hours this afternoon, and it was so nice. I also spent a large portion of my day in the kitchen, which was also so nice. I made Teresa's butter rolls, Walnut Lentil Burgers, Lemon Yogourt Cake, and a batch of pasta sauce. And consequently washed a lot of dishes.

I've been listening to a book on CD while driving this week. The book's not that great, but I love listening to it as opposed to the usual news radio, music, etc. Just for a change. There are no news interruptions, the woman reading it has a lovely voice, and it's not hurried at all. I feel like she has the time to pay attention to each and every word that someone took the time to write, so I should listen. Also, it's much slower to be read to than to read something, so I think I remember details much better than if I were to fly through the book in a few days.

Oh, and the other fun thing I've been doing lately - sprouting!

I tried using a regular jar, but found that the rinsing part was awkward. I saw some lids for sprouting online (they're just like little sieves) that fit regular canning jars, but I couldn't find one locally and didn't want to wait. Yarmouth Natural had these BioSnacky jars (they're worth it just to be able to say 'BioSnacky'!) with the lid and the little stand to keep the sprouts well drained, so I picked one up. I enjoyed some radish sprouts the other day (they're pictured when they were just a few days along) and have some alfalfa ones on the go now. They're so fresh and delicious.

I'm curious - what's been going on in your kitchen lately?

Have a lovely Easter weekend.


  1. Carol S-B4/07/2012

    Well, Sherrie, I just love the pics of the sprouts. The lighting is terrific: makes you taste the green freshness of those amazing wonders of nature. I used to do sprouts... especially lentils, So good: they taste like fresh peas. With no kids @ home now, it's challenging: having to completely change the way I cook again. I love leftovers, esp. for lunch (downtown lunches are minimum $10+, so brown bagging it is my style). But... holy carp, the same soup (or veggie salad, etc.) every day for a week is just too much. So what's going on in my kitchen is a lot of learning control (I also am allergic to wasting food...) and, this week, plenty of eggs (old habits dye hard, ha ha!) and looking forward to making Hot Cross buns tomorrow, fresh for Sunday a.m. family brunch.

  2. Susan Williams4/10/2012

    I just stared sprouting again too! I took the Winter off, but now that it's Spring i thought it was high time I get back on it and have something super fresh and healthy on my salads. I have alfalfa and radish going together. In my kitchen I made french toast and a breakfast strata for Easter brunch. I had never made the breakfast strata before, but it turned out SO good. Great to see what's going on in your kitchen, so thanks for sharing!


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