spring garden, real life edition

I was just looking at some older un-blogged pictures, and found this one to share this morning. That orange strikes me as the perfect colour for some of the first flowers of spring. "Hey, bee! Look over here!"

And then I went outside to take a few more to share, while Adam has the boys out for a walk / bike ride.

A few of the crocuses are still hanging on in our yard, the daffodils are up and some are open, and the quince buds are swelling. The boys and I spent the entire afternoon in the yard yesterday, raking and weeding and playing. And blowing bubbles, of course.

I still call our raised beds the 'veggie beds', but it looks like my herbs are taking over much of that space. I have parsley, lemon balm, bee balm, curry flower, rhubarb (well, I guess that isn't really an herb) and mint (sunk in a pot) there. The chives, lavender, sweet woodruff and thyme are in other little beds right by the back door. I also have a bunch of seeds to plant so we can enjoy peas, cucumbers, and the like, so I might have to get creative if I'm going to fit it all in. (Or plant some things at my parent's place, which I've done before.)

I know I've shared this tip before, but I will again: if you save sticks and branches when you clean up your yard at the end of winter, they're perfect for covering up your raised beds to keep mangy neighbourhood cats from using them as litter boxes. They let the sun and rain through, but keep the cats out until your garden has gown enough for the plants to deter them. We're lucky enough to have a thornless raspberry patch, and the old canes we thin each year are perfect for this purpose.
Oooh, and I also cut some bamboo stakes into smaller lengths (many more than are pictured!) to make a mason bee house. I haven't figured out the details on how to put it together yet, but that will come.

Real life:

I've been feeling frustrated about our house situation this week. I want to NEST. I feel as though I can't here, as we don't want to put extra money into this house that we won't get back if it ever sells, and we don't have a new house to nest in until this one sells. I haven't sorted through all of this in my head yet, but it seems like my rational brain isn't working properly.

Things have been busy, and overwhelming at times. I feel like I'm one of those water bugs that scoots along the surface of the lake and gets to where it's going, but without taking time to really see what's going on beneath it. And I'm not sure how to change that right now. Everything just seems to be going by in a blur, and I wish I could really settle in and enjoy all of it. I've felt grumpy much more than usual, and I don't like it. I don't know exactly what I need, but I'm thinking that some version of a kick in the pants might do the trick. Any volunteers?

Enough about me. Back to gardening. I *love* following along with how other bloggers' gardens are growing, and the spring updates this week have been great. A few that stood out:

Kendra's lovely garden is blooming like nobody's business. I think I need a sign like hers for our back door. She has an Eastern Red Bud! I'm a wee bit envious, but in a good way. I've never seen one here, and don't know if they would do well. Any Nova Scotians know? I'm a sucker for a pink blossom. (Which is why I'd like a few apple trees someday. Oh, and for the apples, too.)

Amy has some wonderful transplanting tips over at Tend. I love sharing plants between gardens, and her tips will help ensure success.

Abby's garden update made me smile. Everything looks so lush and green! So far ahead of ours.

Speaking of green, check out all of the sprouting goodies over at Ngo Family Farm!

As always, I'm curious. What do you have growing? Even if it's a houseplant! (Speaking of which, we have a carrot top and a celery bottom growing in the kitchen right now. Try it! Watching the progress entertains the kids.) Hope you're having a relaxing weekend.


  1. Carol S-B4/15/2012

    I am envious of your soft climate. Here in YYC it is snowing (again)... typical for April. Ours is a cold, dry area. I think a big part of the difference is the cold nights (altitude). I do have the fuzzy tips of crocuses poking their little noses questioningly above the soil.
    We actually got some Prairie Crocus to transplant successfully! We grow the regular crocuses here, too (although they're ~ a month later than yours). Prairie Crocus ("Anemone Patens": I knew "Anemone", but just looked up the "Patens" part) grow wild. Sweet little purple flowers with yellow centres (Ha ha! I love that sentence of yours, "Hey Bee! Over here!") and a fuzzy coat.
    I don't have solutions, but I do have sympathy with your need for 'roots'. Moving is so tough, and the uncertainty around "when"... and somedays even "if"... is really hard to take. Remember you can transplant your plants as well as yourself. When your house does sell, split your Rhubarb (give the remainder a good deep feed) and take some of it along. Same for some of your other plants. Go ahead and love your yard, your house. You will not love the next one less. -Carol SB

  2. Anonymous4/15/2012

    Ha! We have carrot tops going too, just to see what happens. Any signs of change on yours? I know it's hard when you feel sort of transient - not totally here nor there. Hang in there. For me, the garden is always nurturing and relaxing. Maybe a shift of your nesting instinct over to your creative garden endeavours might help.

  3. Thank you for the blog mention. I can completely relate regarding the frustration of house selling. We had ours on the market twice before we finally moved and each time it was completely draining emotionally. Very stressful! We moved right at the beginning of growing season last year so while we were itching to plant in our old house we had to hold out...and then we were so tired from moving we never really planted at this house! I hope you find a buyer very soon!

    Great tip about the branches over the raised beds!

  4. I hope things work out soon. I'll light a candle for you guys.

  5. I too love garden updates. I started most of my plants indoors and they are growing way too fast for the cold weather we've been having. I'll try and post a few photos in the next few days.
    Love your raised beds!
    I hope things work out soon for you with the house and you can move on and nest :)


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