polishing and kombucha

Yesterday morning, between other kitchen work, I grabbed a piece of coconut oil and a cloth, and started treating all of my cutting boards and wooden utensils to a little moisturizing. In case you've never done it, it helps to prevent cracks and warping, and also makes them look a bit healthier. I've used other oils before, but the coconut oil seems to soak in better, and it's less messy than a liquid oil. I have perpetual plans to make a beeswax polish (which is simple enough, and I think I may have done it before) but this is even simpler, and so it wins out so far. I do love the idea of a beeswax polish with a little bit of lemon essential oil and some other oils in it, though.

It's as simple as can be - I just rub the coconut oil generously all over the object, let it sit for awhile, and then rub in with a cloth, wiping off the excess.

This is also something the boys could easily help with, and I think they would enjoy it. For at least a minute.

I also started (or tried to) my own kombucha SCOBY, and then realized that the kombucha I bought to start it with had been pasteurized, so it's not going to work.I did take a pretty picture, though!
Speaking of which, if anyone has a SCOBY they would like to send my way, I'd be happy to swap for my lovely handmade soap! Or if you have a recommended Etsy or eBay seller I could buy one from - I'm hesitant to buy one from 'just anyone', you know? Where it is food and all.

I'm also looking for a few houseplant cuttings, if you happen to be local and want to swap. Trailing, tiny-leaved ones, in particular.

I hope you've had (and/or are having) a lovely long weekend. Oh, Phillip has a message for you:

"I like giving Mama a lot of hugs. And kisses."

I totally did not prompt him at all. How sweet is this boy?


  1. I recently started a SCOBY from a bottle of GTs kombucha. I'd be happy to separate it & send one your way if you don't have any other takers.

  2. Sarah, that would be wonderful! I can't buy GT's locally, and haven't seen it when I've been travelling, either. Let me know when it's ready, and we can sort out the details. :) Yay, and thank you! (And now I'm off to read your blog for a bit.)

    1. I actually poured off a bit on my last batch; it's already started to grow, so it should work for you. You can send me an email at queserah@gmail and I'll get it in the mail!

  3. Anonymous4/10/2012

    oh how I wish i lived closer to you. I JUST cut a bunch of clippings off my wandering, small leafed plant (we call it wandering Jew). I was just thinking that I wish I knew someone that would take some of the clippings or maybe swap me a different plant clipping for them. Oh well, good luck!

  4. I ordered a kombucha culture from Cultures for Health and am trying to start a new culture. It isn't doing much though, otherwise I'd share!

  5. Those wooden spoons are beautiful, I should really treat mine to a bit of oil...I never seem to think of it.
    Good luck with the kombucha :)

  6. Not sure if you're interested but I can give you some spider plant babies. It'll take a week or two for them to grow roots in water first though.

  7. Christine, that is such a sweet offer! We actually have a spider plant in Phillip's room that is about to produce a pile of babies, but it's kind of Plain Jane. Does yours have variegated leaves? That would be tempting. :) Thanks so much!


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